Visionkeeper – Lets Us Be Kings – 17 November 2012

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We have hit another slump I fear. People are growing weary succumbing to the battle fatigue and constant barrage of energy expansion from the solar flares. Nerves are raw and on edge, sleep is interrupted, the holidays are coming up and finances are getting stretched. It is time for a pep talk from one who knows all too well the strife that fighting to be victorious creates.

The proud lion, king of the jungle, knows all too well the demands one must face to be the ruler of his kingdom. But he is proud and has great courage and a willingness to fight to save his family from danger. He naps in the hot afternoon sun to restore his energy, but always with one eye open. He stalks about in the darkness of night, ears on alert for enemies, his night vision eyes scanning the underbrush. We too must be the lion. We are tired and worn down, but we must stay alert and find the courage and stamina to go on, to stand guard and to be willing to fight the enemy, not through force but through resistance and non-compliance. We must be strong!

It is easy this time of year to be off-balance. Holidays for many bring anxiety, deep seeded feelings of aloneness, pressures financially, pressures from commitments and much more. Now throw on top of that the pressures we are all enduring just to survive in this  hostile and insane world, and we are overwhelmed at best right now. Be aware of this and be kind to yourselves. Find time to be alone to regroup and find some peace within the silence. We must guard against melt down the way we would against the flu. Be alert to your well-being and if you are feeling you just can’t take anymore, pull back and take time for yourself. We are in the final leg of our battle and we are needed to hold the love and light regardless of what is going on. Not an easy task, so stay strong like the lion, nap cautiously with one eye open and prowl the perimeters of darkness scanning for the enemy intuitively.

We can see the unrest going on in Europe right now and don’t think for one minute that same unrest will not come to our shores. It is already brewing. People are worn down and have lost hope if they are not residing in the spiritual world.We are being worn down in the hopes we will not have enough left in us to fight and resist, but we must and we will. We must not cave to their plans. Just as you take vitamins, drink orange juice and eat well to ward off the flu, we must find ways to rest, find joy and laughter, and feel love within to stay strong and able to endure the battle for as long as it rages on.

Like the long distance runner whose legs muscles burn violently and scream to give up just miles away from the finish line, but he pushes on, we must find the courage and strength to push harder and stay running until we cross over that finish line! We must glance back from time to time so we can say”I’ve come this far I can’t give up now!” If you read or watch videos to unwind, choose ones that will inspire you! Remember what I said yesterday, we are sorely lacking inspiration! We need it like we need water and food. It is inspiration that builds hope and without hope we are nothing. Eat foods that will build your body up not bring it down. Skip the sugar, carbs and heavy red meats. Drink plenty of water, get a good nights sleep, keep that TV turned off and find ways to be happy and laugh with friends! Keep your hearts open always to both give and receive love!

Be lions everyone! Stand your ground and be courageous. Keep your visions of a world without war and filled with peace and love and freedom dangling before you like the carrot before the donkey to keep us focused on where we are going and why! Stay strong everyone and rest briefly when you need to, we are almost there…

P.S. I had already written this post for today when I received in my email the latest post from Zen Gardner which was about the lion. I do not have time to write a new post so sorry Zen. This is a grand example of how connected to universal thinking we are now, we are all thinking roughly the same thing. It is grand and shows us we are close to the finish line for sure!

Blessings to us all,

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