Humanity’s Speck In The Span Of The Cosmos – 18 November 2012

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This speech is about humanity’s devolving and evolving.  Humanity has been through a long, yet minuscule journey through the cosmos.  We have gone from a few thousand members to having more than 7 billion.  We have created hammers and virtual realities, we have carved pictures on stone walls and we have filled libraries with our created words.  Our behaviors and patterns are interesting to say the least, they can be creative, or destructive.  This speech, using “my” material and the material of Carl Sagan, Charlie Chaplin, Bill Hicks, Martin Luther King Jr., and all the other inspirations of mine, I hope to convey a sense of hope to others.  I hope to have the world achieve an understanding of the root problems of today, which will lead us to solutions.

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