Larry Larson – Twelve – Twelve Insight Journal – 18 November 2012

Q: I had a rough day staying positive and wondered why today went so poorly by comparison to the day before.

Today went more poorly for you because of your lack of focused intention to have it be positive. You began eroding your intent almost immediately, even though you started out intending to find positive in all. You should carry that positive intent on top of your to-do list each day.

Remember that your mood need not be – should not be – dependent on your circumstances.  When circumstances shift you are allowing your thoughts to shift; and for the purposes of creation it is the other way around!!  You must be forceful and keep your thoughts in your positive creating mode regardless of the circumstances of the moment. And that is how you attract more and more of what you want rather than just recycling what already is, like everyone else is doing.

You have to be more forceful, more powerful than the prevailing wind in the room.  That is how your presence can brighten a room. It is not that you will pay attention to everyone in the room; au contraire, you will be bright regardless of what space they are in.

Many of you are still in the habit of absorbing everyone else’s mood.  You must be willing to put that much energy into having the life you want. Like the athlete who gets pumped up before every game, you must get pumped up and stay pumped up in life if it is going to respond to you instead of vice-versa.

Being a conscious creator is a full-time consideration. There are no casual thoughts when you are tuned in and connected with the Source of All.

Seize the day…every day!!!
~Twelve  link to orignal article

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