Lucas – We Are Becoming Oneness – The Phoenix Rising – 18 November 2012

We are now shifting fast in our development into the creatures of light we are that are gonna be lightbeings all in oneness. Being the angels in the heavens we have been promised to manifest upon earth.  Yes it is not a biblical story or just a science-fiction reality. It is what we that have awakened from the matrix , the illusionary playing field of duality and ego are now going to see as for what it really is. Illusion.  We are stepping now totally in the oneness field with the portal of 22  November 2012.

We are then totally and fully becoming one on the level of 5D.  The activation of this great gift  is happening for us all over the world on that date. Wake or not. It will happen and people will get the most beautiful bliss and unconditional love integrated for ever. For those unawakened it may be a shock and they will be helped to evolve quicker due to what has been activated and that what others already have paved the way for as luminaries, wayshowers, lightworkers, lightwarriors.

It is now a strange time for a lot of people as they see the last 3D duality and Ego issues unfold. All those things that happen and normally are seen as negative are needed to clear the way. All things are the outcome of merging timelines and the continuous crumbling of the old paradigm day by day, hour by hour on micro and macro and cosmic and inter-dimensional levels. It is all unfolding if you see it. And out of that chaos is born the new reality out of the ashes as it is the new phoenix rising.

We will see that some will try in their diminishing powers to still bring about the illusionary predictions of the apocalyptic end times.  Those dark intentions will not come to fruition. The power has shifted towards those who take the power from within their hearts. They are bringing the new paradigm by truly acting from love into being on 5D level. The manifesting on the visible level of these already build and (c0)created  5D building blocks after the 11 November  shift will emerge.

Everybody will know after 22 November to be connected to all and in all as to the source.  Everybody will be knowing to be One and Creators. The the duality ending and birthing the new is the Phoenix rising and dropping one tear of completion. Let us all complete our own letting go processes and be ready for that date.  That is best way to be activated fully in the oneness activation. There is nothing you can lose dear ones. There is in all you get rid of or let go of and leave behind an infinite number of things you get back as your can have all from the source. Born out just being oneness is all that is. Leave the ashes behind and rise with all in oneness.

Love and Light,


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