Wes Annac – Update From A Fellow Traveler – 18 November 2012

Well, two solid days of physicality and I am now left with a few quiet moments to sit, think and ponder. Just a few days ago I began noticing an unfolding multidimensional happiness that I am still able to access with some depletion on this evening. The depletion is not because of sadness or anything of the sort; simply from being tired.

A doctor’s appointment in St. Louis; an appreciated attempt at a conference call with some dear friends; beginning to tell my parents of my work and finding an unexpected interest; driving around this beautiful area and at this moment, experiencing a headache that I know is because of a surging of vibrations that are expanding my pineal gland.

This process can be painful but what can I say, it will be worth it!

After such nonstop busy-ness, such hurriedness and such little time to sit down, ponder and get some work done, I am feeling increasingly that this is yet another transition stage. The physicality of the past two days would not have affected me so strongly in depleting me for the moment if I was not beginning to interact with my unfolding Multidimensional perspective in ways that see me anchored so far into the higher realms that I experience such a tiredness in dealing with the heavy Earth experience.

Some of my greatest moods as a child arose from being happy and tired at the same time, and I’m feeling some of those moods arise currently. I feel tired, burned-out, down for the count and yet, more ecstatic and filled with Joy about the future and the present than I would perhaps expect. Of course, I may not be jumping up and down with joy as I had been initially but I have to say, despite the tiredness and heaviness of physicality I have still never felt better. Won’t you join me in facing the Earth density with the happiness we deserve to feel?

My pineal gland has never brimmed more with vibrations than it has lately. I’ve began to notice outlines and impressions much easier than before [and it was already pretty easy before] and don’t even get me started on the astral travel! The moment of thinking of any location, I am there and the landscape is so solidified and real. I’m even unlocking memories of places I can hardly remember visiting by utilizing astral travel within the ‘imagination’!

So, that’s my update for the time being. I know I wasn’t around these past couple of days but I’d Love to hear how this transition period has been affecting you. Keeping busy feels good but can be draining when one finds a moment of rest, so I will sign off with the same sappy happiness I always hope to offer, given through a lense of temporary depletion yet satisfaction for where these past couple of days have brought me and where I and we all will be heading.

Wes Annac – Your fellow traveler!

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