Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 19 November 2012

The Universe is in a natural cycle of revolutionary change as swiftly expanding numbers of earthly initiates plunge into conscious change to match the higher frequency expressions. Get ready to create a week that allows for stability and integration because of the alignment that happened within the deepest desires of your precious Self last week. You want to stay tuned to the concise, clear stirrings of your Soul Truth because we just crossed (on 11/11&13) a critical threshold in our evolution toward spiritual 5-D embodiment.

Earth is a unique living library that offers seemingly endless attractions to souls and spirits learning how to use and play with creative energy within the context of multidimensional dramas. When you are born on earth, your essence comes from the spirit realms of non-physical reality; you take on a physical body to directly experience the rich variety of opportunities to be had within the physical world. You return to Earth again and again, living many, many lives. From a linear perspective, it seems that each life begins at birth and ends at death; nevertheless, the process of reincarnation is not confined to a linear model.

During your present-moment visitation you are infusing Earth’s majesty with a remembrance for humanity’s ascension back to a Divine Plan. Your attendance here is bringing the ancient through time and space, carrying with it energetic data that is seeking to be embraced by those that are ready for a multidimensional dialogue of crystalline intelligence. As a container for the Truth of your character and the Ingenuity of Spirit you have been, and are, a reservoir of Higher ideas for incorporating our larger cosmic identity. Pretty big when you think about it in those terms, right? So go ahead – celebrate your greatness under the glowing auspices of peaceful nurturance this week.

If you wish to amplify the natural energetic flow this week you’ll want to emphasize your partnership with Life. There are currently vast numbers of galactic and heavenly guardians blessing us. They are helping to hold open the portals to true-ness of Self so that we can plug into them effortlessly. It’s advisable to take this week and intentionally reconcile the places where you depart from the Spirit of you so that your connection to the open portals can be magnetized and become anchored in your field. The job will ask you to be completely clear and fearless in the face of your humanity. You need to be committed to thinking, acting, and reacting from the authentic value system of the soul. This requires lifting your vision beyond the lower levels of personality and into the higher stratum of the spiritual world.

And that doesn’t mean you won’t have a crisis or two pop up; you have to maintain an eagle-eye on what’s going on around you. Relationships are the most potent areas of human refinement right now. Have you noticed? People are splitting up, distancing, and separating or the exact opposite – coming together. Just like the American government we are reorganizing and aligning with the parties that best support the direction we are headed. Watch your motives and communications in all relationships. Prepare ahead of time. If there is a relationship that is asking for adjustment in your world then start journaling about the issues of concern. Meditate on it or process the issues with a trusted friend. Do what you have to so that when the winds of change blow into your house of relations you know what you are going to do.

You’ll want to use your body and etheric levels to feel the energy coming off the stellar planes.  From the bigger picture you are working to initiate and embody the upgraded multi-dimensional destiny that you knew would be calling to you through the love and wisdom of the Law of One. Are you ready to step into the next phase of “you”? For ease and comfort with this transformation tune into the organic crystalline alignment of Unity consciousness that is now a part of the primal life force grid that surrounds the earth. Utilize its influence by activating it in your field through unconditional love. Allow it to flow into and through you and then out into the world. The second, third and seventh chakras will be the energy vortexes that will be most affected as you anchor more of Spirit here.

If you encounter any resistance this week it may help to remind yourself that you are in the cycle of “rearrangement and refinement”. A time when you are moving toward your spiritual destiny on the heels of the momentum set in place by a solar eclipse new Moon supermoon. Be patient and compassionate with yourself. You are now fully managing the LIGHT of who you are rather than being lead by your past immobilizing limitations and fears. The rest of this month you’ll need to focus and practically apply grounded and focused spiritually to each day. Be disciplined and accept the spiritual maturity and wisdom that is required to accomplish your spiritual objectives each day. And remember we still have a full Moon lunar eclipse to experience on November 28th. Consciously cultivate an undaunting faith and trust in your true worth as a Creator in cellular gift wrap. It was Sathya Sai Baba that said, “Know that you are God, and from that state you have become a human being. Do not regard God as something separate and distinct from you. God is very much within you.”

From the dynamic attitude and commitment of staying inextricably linked to the authentic YOU a spiritual triumph will be at hand and being nurtured by Life can then become effortless. Understand? The invisible aspects of existence are coming to life. Your personal transformation affects the balance-pointe of all. There is much waiting to overlight you in the coming weeks. You are now able to see with a new lens of perception even when sitting in the middle of a swirling vortex that is refining and re-engineering your inner residence. All that you are becomes more intelligent on a daily basis now! You will find that grace is mediated solely through consciousness. Slow down and ask what you need today. Seek to discover what attitudes, nutrients, and comforts will maximize the equalization of the current high vibrations.

My non-physical companions are reminding me that all is fluid and to embrace that as our knowing. All is fluid. All moves, all flows, and the more we allow flow, the less resistance we experience. And because of this we are unconditionally supported in all we do. So connect to what is available right now my friends. Everything you need is right before you (or within you). It’s time to cash in your spiritual investments and become lined up with all the resources you desire and need. You are a universal commodity that houses a conscious Divine Wisdom. As you embrace present and future shifts, feel this Divine energy coming into you, swirling up through you, empowering all that you are. When this is done communications open, physicality upgrades, and life commands Its own perfection!

The enlightenment process is in full shift and you are LIVING it!

©2012 Reverend Angela Peregoff, All Rights Reserved. link to original article


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