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Hello all …

Even those readers from around the world may have noticed that Britain has been rocked by the paedophile revelations regarding Jimmy Savile, the former disc jockey and procurer of children for the rich and famous – and what has followed in relation to Lord McAlpine, the former treasurer of the Conservative or ‘Tory’ Party at the time of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

There is information coming from all directions and it can be very confusing for those who have not followed this unfolding story stage by stage.  I have been on this case since the 1990s and I’ll put the pieces together to make sense of it.

This is not just a story about Britain, either, because the same networks of paedophilia and Satanism covertly manipulate the political system all over the world and most certainly in places like North America. The Bush family are up to their necks in it.

What even many more open-minded people can’t grasp is the almost unimaginable scale of child abuse, murder and human sacrifice worldwide and how it is the very cement that holds the global Establishment together, locally, nationally and internationally.

The bigger picture requires the question: why paedophilia? I can answer that very simply, but it needs a really open mind to accept it and they are not the majority, of course. These people are possessed by sheer evil and thus express sheer evil.

This is why paedophilia is so fundamentally connected to Satanism – or one reason why. Satanic ritual ensures the total possession of the ‘vehicle’ and paedophilia expresses that possession to allow the possessing entity to feed off the child’s life-force during sexual abuse, as I have explained at length in my books and highlighted at Wembley.

I have found the same networks of paedophiles, Satanists and secret society initiates in every country I have investigated and I have been to a few to say the least. The networks (in the end a single network) operate globally and right down into local communities.

At all these levels you invariably find that members of the paedophile/Satanist/secret society network occupy key positions in politics, government administration, law enforcement, the judiciary and so on. I am not saying all those positions are spoken for in this way, of course, because there are many genuine, decent people in all of them.

But the networks in the global web cover their own backs by ensuring that any claims about their activities – and not just paedophilia either – are ‘investigated’, dismissed and covered up by members of the network in the police and other levels of ‘law’ enforcement. If a case goes to court or some sort of ‘public inquiry’, they seek to have their own ‘safe’ people appointed from the judiciary to keep the lid on everything.

Members of the network, or ring, in all these positions and others, watch each other’s backs and they only get convicted if the barriers and influence of the network are breached by genuine people inside the political and legal system.

With that background, we come to the present Establishment paedophile scandal in the UK which began with the revelations on British television about ‘entertainer’, Jimmy Savile, or So-vile’ as he has become known.

The ITV television programme exposing his sexual molestation and rape of underage girls triggered a massive response from other people all over the country who contacted the police to tell their stories about what Savile did to them. Police say they are following hundreds of leads and Savile’s paedophilia was clearly of historic proportions over decades.

The paedophile-infested Establishment and its servile media sought to hold the line at Savile’s own abuse of young girls with a few other people in the entertainment industry thrown in, most notably two convicted paedophiles and friends of Savile, former ‘pop stars’, Gary Glitter and Jonathan King.

But I have known about Savile since the 1990s when a royal insider and others told me about his paedophilia and necrophilia (sex with dead bodies); his liking for sex with little boys; his extremely close relationship with the royal family; and how he procured children for the rich and famous, including the royals and top politicians. In other words, the scandal is far bigger than the public is being told – absolutely fantastic, in fact, in its scale and depth.

I knew that Savile supplied former Conservative Prime Minister Edward Heath with young boys – I have been exposing Heath since 1998 (seven years before he died) as a paedophile, Satanist and mass child killer for most of his adult life. See The Biggest Secret and other books of mine.

Gradually, as the Savile story expanded, some of this found its way into the mainstream media, including the confirmation by a BBC contemporary of Savile, Paul Gambaccini, that Savile was a necrophiliac. This is why, as I was told in the 1990s, that Savile volunteered to work in hospitals – it gave him access to the mortuaries.

See my newsletter, Jimmy Savile … Doorway to the Cesspit for far more detail about the Savile story. I am reprising a little of that background again here because of its connection to what followed with claims about the abuse of children in ‘care’ homes in North Wales and the political figures alleged to be implicated.

Savile was extremely close to the British royal family to whom he was introduced by the late Lord Louis Mountbatten, a paedophile himself, and he went on to have a close relationship with Prince Philip and Prince Charles – so much so that he acted as a ‘go-between’ during Charles’ bust-ups with Princess Diana.

It would be inexplicable that this very strange aging disc jockey would be so unbelievably close to the royal family – right in the inner sanctum – unless you knew what he really did for a living and that was procure children. The same is true of his equally close relationship with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher with whom he claims to have spent many Christmas dinners during her years in office.

It just so happens that the Thatcher government and Conservative Party in the 1980s was alive with paedophilia as will be the present Conservative administration because they always are. The same applies to the Labour and Liberal Democrat parties and their like around the world, including, no, especially, the Republicans and Democrats in the United States.

The latest sequence began with the Savile revelations still in full flow when a Labour Member of Parliament and deputy chairman of the opposition Labour Party, Tom Watson, asked Prime Minister David Cameron in the Houses of Parliament about a paedophile ring operating out of Number 10 Downing Street during the reign of a previous – unnamed – prime minister.

Watson and Cameron.

His question was connected to Peter Righton, a member of the vile Paedophile Information Exchange (PIE), who was convicted in 1992 of importing and possessing illegal homosexual pornographic material. Righton was a former consultant to the National Children’s Bureau and Director of Education at the prestigious National Institute of Social Work in London. Tom Watson said in Parliament:

The evidence file used to convict paedophile Peter Righton, if it still exists, contains clear intelligence of a widespread paedophile ring. One of its members boasts of its links to a senior aide of a former Prime Minister who says he could smuggle indecent images of children from abroad.

The leads were not followed up but if the file still exists, I want to ensure that the Metropolitan Police secure the evidence, re-examine it, and investigate clear intelligence suggesting a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and Number 10.

Peter Righton – a ‘leading child care expert’ and paedophile.

Tom Watson said later that ‘a retired public servant had, through a quirk of fate, stumbled on something that appeared so huge, that almost everyone he’d ever raised his concerns with had baulked at the challenge’ and that ‘some of those powerful people involved in a cover up may well have been – and could still be – powerful politicians.’ Watson continued in a posting on his website:

Since then though, many more ordinary people have contacted me about suspicions they have had of a wider wrongdoing – in some cases so heinous it made me cry.

They have talked of psychopaths marking children with Stanley knifes to show ‘ownership’. They tell of parties where children were ‘passed around’ the men. They speak of golf course car parks being the scenes for child abuse after an 18 hole round.

And they have named powerful people – some of them household names – who abused children with impunity.

Two former police officers have raised their concerns of cover-ups. Child protection specialists have raised their fears that the network of convicted paedophile Peter Righton, the nexus of the group, was wider than at first thought. Others have identified a former cabinet minister who regularly abused young boys.

Some have raised mysterious early deaths, disappeared children, suspicious fires, intimidation and threats.

It’s bewildering.

It certainly can be, but I have been researching this subject for nearly two decades and what Watson says all makes perfect sense to me.

Watson’s public statement was then followed by very weird behaviour by the BBC over an interview for the current affairs programme, Newsnight, with Steve Messham who was one a stream of children abused at ‘care’ homes in North Wales in the 1970s and 1980s.

Children’s homes and ‘care’ homes are the main source of children for the rings and child procurer Jimmy Savile has been connected to the North Wales abuse scandal, as he has to others like the one at the Haut de la Garenne on the Channel Island of Jersey. It is a national and international ring and so homes are involved all over the country – as abuse victims have indeed confirmed.

A member of the production group behind Steve Messham’s Newsnight interview – not directly employed by the BBC – began to circulate on the Internet that Newsnight was likely to name a senior political figure that evening as a child abuser.

Iain Overton, editor of the self-styled ‘independent, not-for-profit’ Bureau of Investigative Journalism which led the Newsnight ‘investigation’, said: ‘If all goes well we’ve got a Newsnight out tonight about a very senior political figure who is a paedophile’. See the news story after this article for fascinating connections to Overton’s employers.

Overton’s actions began a frenzy of activity on the Internet speculating on who it could be, but when the programme aired that night the interview with Steve Messham did not include the name of the person that he was talking about and was only an account of his deeply disturbing experiences with this person.

Naturally the speculation became even more frenetic and in the days that followed the name of very close Thatcher aide and former party treasurer Lord McAlpine was widely mentioned on the Internet by multiple sources. McAlpine, now living in Italy, eventually made a public statement denying that he abused anyone and threatening legal action against those who named him.

McAlpine, a man of considerable wealth from the family of the McAlpine construction and civil engineering company, was very specific in his statement as he sought to counter the unbroadcast claims by Steve Messham that he was the abuser.

He said that he had only once been to the location of much of Messham’s abuse, the main North Wales town of Wrexham. He said that this single visit was to the local Constituency Conservative Association on party business and he had been at all times accompanied by the now dead Stuart Newman, an agent from Conservative Central Office. He said he did not stay the night.

McAlpine said that he had never visited a children’s home in North Wales, ‘nor have I ever visited any children’s home, reform school or any other institution of a similar nature.’ He added that he had never stayed in a hotel in or near Wrexham, did not own a Rolls Royce, has never had a ‘Gold card’ or ‘Harrods card’ and never wore aftershave – all of which had been alleged of Messham’s attacker or attackers.

‘If he does think I am the man who abused him all those years ago I can only suggest that he is mistaken and that he has identified the wrong person’, McAlpine said.

McAlpine then threatened legal action in his statement of denial – ‘I conclude by reminding those who have defamed me or who intend to do so that in making this statement I am by no means giving up my right to seek redress at law and repeat that I expressly reserve my rights to take all such steps as I and my solicitors consider necessary to protect my interests.’

What I find strange is that he is talking about legal action now, at the age of 70 in semi-retirement in Italy, when he did not take legal action ‘in his prime’ in the 1990s when he was very prominently named in relation to abuse at North Wales children’s homes by the now defunct Scallywag magazine.

McAlpine told the BBC this week that it had been an ‘horrendous shock’ to hear the allegations, so why wasn’t the Conservative Party treasurer in the Thatcher era equally ‘horrendously shocked’, and why didn’t he therefore sue, when similar allegations involving North Wales children’s homes were published by Scallywag magazine in the 1990s and he was the subject of a banner headline to that effect – and more?

I don’t understand. The Scallywag article could not have been more explicit. And why does he say that it was an ‘horrendous shock’ to hear these allegations when similar ones have been published before and he did NOTHING?

McAlpine was an extremely rich man and in the 1990s he was an even more prominent public figure. He could have put Scallywag out of business if he had showed in court that its allegations were not true and this would have nailed the allegations for good and stopped them circulating on the Internet ever since (without a single challenge from ‘me Lord’). The same with Margaret Thatcher aide and speechwriter, Derek ‘me’ Laud, who appeared in the Scallywag article.

McAlpine says he is seeking damages from all and bloody sundry now and yet did nothing when the same allegations were made by Scallywag all those years ago. So please, Lord McAlpine, credibly explain why you didn’t.

Here is the Scallywag article … it is worth reading that article before we proceed.

Later in the day after McAlpine made his denial statement, suddenly Steve Messham retracted his decades-old claim that McAlpine was one of his abusers – a statement repeated only a few days earlier in part of the Newsnight interview that was not broadcast.

That was shocking enough, but his explanation for doing so was absolutely bizarre.

Messham apologised for naming McAlpine (he hadn’t publicly) and he said it was a case of ‘mistaken identity’, the same words that McAlpine had used in his statement earlier the same day. Newsnight then made a grovelling apology for naming McAlpine when they hadn’t – the name was removed from the Messham interview.

Newsnight was just about the only BBC news or current affairs programme with a trace of backbone, but has now been neutered as a result of all this with lawyers in attendance to dictate what can and cannot be broadcast.

Steve Messham said that the reason he recanted that night on his not publicly mentioning the name of Lord McAlpine is that he was shown a picture of him by police ‘in the last hour’ and he realised it was not the man who abused him over and over and over decades ago.

Messham said that the problem of ‘mistaken identity’ arose because police showed him a picture in the 1990s of the person that he said abused him and they told him that it was Lord McAlpine. Now they had shown him a picture of the ‘real’ Lord McAlpine ‘in the last hour’ and he had realised that it is not the man in the picture that police showed to him in the 1990s.

WHAT? I mean where do you start with an explanation so ridiculous? If Messham hadn’t been ‘got at’ by someone then I am a Chinaman living in an igloo on the Costa del Sol. What other credible explanation can there be for such a sudden about-turn after decades of saying the same thing and never wavering?

We are being asked to believe that in the 15 to 20 years between Steve Messham allegedly being shown the picture of ‘Lord McAlpine’ by police and accusing him of sexually abusing him in an unbroadcast part of the interview with Newsnight that Messham has never once Googled ‘Lord Alistair McAlpine’ and seen the pictures of him widely available ever since he said he was abused??

That he never once sought out a picture of McAlpine of any kind in the decades since his time in the children’s home until the police showed him one ‘in the last hour’?

That he didn’t know what McAlpine looked like even when he has been in the news only recently with comments about jailed Polly Peck businessman, Asil Nadir, and when he was regularly in the news in the 1980s during the Thatcher era?

When I heard what Steve Messham had said I Googled ‘Lord Alistair McAlpine’ and up came pictures widely available way before ‘in the last hour’ …

I mean, how many do you want, Steve? And yet he never saw a picture of Lord McAlpine in the nearly 20 years between the two photographs shown to him by the police? It makes no sense whatsoever to me. So why did he say it? Your call, but I know what mine is.

MP Tom Watson said after he asked his question about the Downing Street paedophilia ring in Parliament:

I’m not going to let this drop despite warnings from people who should know that my personal safety is imperilled if I dig any deeper. It’s spooked me so much that I’ve kept a detailed log of all the allegations should anything happen.

Only a few days before Steve Meesham came out with his sudden ‘mistaken identity’ apology, he told Channel Four News how he had broken into the flat of an abuser in North Wales and taken dozens of photographs of abusers raping boys, including himself, and some clearly showed the face, he said, of ‘the prominent Tory abuser’.

Was he talking about the same man that days later he said that he had misidentified or someone else? If it was the same man then Messham’s ‘mistaken identity’ story lies in tatters. We need him to clarify this because it is all very confusing at the moment.

Further, he said that he not only had Polaroid photographs of this famous abuser, but the man had told him who he was and how he would have him killed if he ever spoke out. Click here to see the interview …

So Meesham said that he took the photographs to police and that although the faces of the abusers were clear to see the police said that they could not identify men in the pictures. Police now say that they can’t comment on what happened to the images because of the new inquiry, but Meesham’s story about the pictures is corroborated by Sian Griffiths, who worked in the inquiry office at Clwyd Council in the 1990s during the two inquiries into abuse at North Wales children’s homes.

These were the Jillings report, which was never published because the council was warned by insurers of possible legal action by those that the victims named, and the main Waterhouse inquiry which did not allow victims to name who they said were their famous abusers.

Clwyd Council are now apparently considering whether to publish the Jillings report in the light of current events. Labour MP Ann Clwyd is one calling for publication after reading the contents at the time. She said that ‘it shows rape and torture … the effects on those young boys cannot be underestimated.’

Sian Griffiths, who sat at the administrative centre of both inquiries, told Channel Four News that Steve Messham’s photographs of abuse were ordered to be destroyed. She said: ‘We were supplied with copies of court documents … there was an order made for the books and photos to be destroyed.’ This is Sian’s interview …

Why would you order that photographs showing abusers should be destroyed?? I don’t know about you, but I have this terrible putrid smell right under my nose. I can’t think what it could be.

[A quick aside here, but a very relevant one: When you see that Channel Four News interview with Steve Messham which did not name anyone, how is that any different to the BBC Newsnight interview with him, which equally didn’t name anyone? Yet now the BBC (licence fee-payer) is forking out £185,000 in compensation to McAlpine over an interview in which he wasn’t named?? Will McAlpine be seeking an out-of-court settlement from Channel Four News? That’s laughable, but the BBC is easy pickings now what’s left of its balls have been handed over on a platter.]

There are so many strands to this story and so many unanswered questions, but some things we do know. The Thatcher government and Conservative Party was infested with paedophiles and there was a ring involved that went right to ‘Number 10’. MP Tom Watson was quite right to ask his question about this.

One of Thatcher’s significant aides, Derek Laud, was named as a paedophile in the Scallywag article in the 1990s and, as with McAlpine, he never sued despite being accused of sickening and outrageous behaviour. Once again, why?

Laud was a speechwriter to Thatcher, many Conservative MPs (including Alan Clark who has been linked with underage sex) and has reportedly written speeches for Prince Charles. Laud is a long-time family friend of current Prime Minister David Cameron and his wife and was a guest at their wedding.

In this same period that people like Derek Laud and paedophile Chester MP Peter Morrison were close aides to Margaret Thatcher, she and her husband Denis were close friends of Jimmy Savile, the prolific supplier of children for the rich and famous and, once again, the same question must be asked about the Thatchers as about the royal family.

Why was Margaret Thatcher so close to a former disc jockey and all round strange bloke to the extent that he was invited for cosy chats and Christmas dinner with her year after year in her time as Prime Minister? What was it about fading ‘entertainer’ Savile that got him so close to both a sitting Prime Minister and the royal family?

An aging and infirm Margaret Thatcher in Downing Street with current Prime Minister, David Cameron.

We also know that an extremely close Thatcher aide, the late Sir Peter Morrison, the Member of Parliament for Chester, has been named as an abuser by residents of children’s homes in nearby North Wales. Chester is only 13 miles from Wrexham where Steve Messham says that a lot of his abuse took place.

Rod Richards, a former Conservative MP and leader of the Welsh Conservatives, has said publicly that he has seen evidence connecting Morrison to the North Wales paedophile scandal. Richards said: ‘What I do know is that Morrison was a paedophile … and the reason I know that is because of the North Wales child abuse scandal.’

This is extremely significant when you think that Morrison was Parliamentary Private Secretary to Margaret Thatcher, one of her closest aides, leader of her campaign team in the Conservative leadership election of 1990 and a deputy chairman of the Conservative Party. Thatcher had paedophiles this close to her and record-breaking paedophile and child procurer Jimmy Savile as a close friend, regular visitor to her country home at Chequers and Christmas dinner guest.

Did she not KNOW what was going on?

Did not current Prime Minister David Cameron know when he worked for the Conservative Research Department at Conservative headquarters between 1988 and 1993, or on his subsequent rise to the leadership?

I don’t believe it.

‘Merry Christmas, Jimmy.’

Paedophile and closest of aides Sir Peter Morrison with Margaret Thatcher.

This brings us back to MP Tom Watson and his revelations about a paedophile ring connected to Downing Street. He said of Peter Righton, who was operating his paedophile network in the same period that we are talking about:

Within the material seized at Righton’s home were letters from known and convicted paedophiles. The contact, who has seen the letters, claimed that one paedophile in particular was of great concern. He said that the paedophile, who worked with children, boasted of a key aide to a former PM who could help get hold of indecent images of children. I am not naming the person for obvious reasons but for clarity it is not former MP, Peter Morrison.

So here we have yet another paedophile on the inside of the Thatcher administration at the time of Morrison – and called a ‘key aide’ – that is yet to be named. How many were there, for goodness sake? And remember that Thatcher had replaced the paedophile, Satanist and child-killer Edward Heath as leader of the Conservative Party in 1975 and so it all went back much further than her time.

And so to Lord McAlpine, the man at the heart of the controversy of recent times. He was a central figure in the Thatcher network of aides and associates for 15 years between 1975 and 1990. They apparently met in 1975 and he was her party treasurer from then until 1990 and deputy chairman of the party from 1979 to 1983.

The two worked very closely together throughout the Thatcher years in government and he led the fundraising campaigns for her elections. This apparently involved channelling money through offshore accounts and among the donors were seriously dodgy businessmen like Asil Nadir who was jailed for ten years for a mega fraud in 2012. Nadir gave the party £400,000.

According to McAlpine’s Wikipedia profile: ‘He would later describe his relationship with Thatcher in his book The Servant … Using Machiavelli’s The Prince for his analogy, the “Servant” (himself) is an important part of the success of the Prince (Thatcher).’

Okay, we get the picture, he was incredibly close to Margaret Thatcher throughout her time as party leader and Prime Minister and yet he didn’t know about the paedophiles that she had so close to her – a fact that is now becoming so clear and we have seen nothing yet?

McAlpine must have known, to say otherwise is beyond ridiculous given his closeness to Thatcher and all that went on. So what did he do to stop and expose it?

Did he not warn her about her close association with Jimmy Savile given that so many people seemed to have known what he was doing but kept their mouths shut? Are we to believe that the British intelligence network including MI5 didn’t know about Savile and the widespread paedophile activity infesting the Thatcher administration?

Are we to believe that they didn’t tell Thatcher or that her closest of friends, McAlpine, wasn’t aware through a multitude of sources what was going on?

So, I repeat, what did they do to stop and expose it? Answer: NOTHING. Why?

Didn’t other central figures in Thatcher governments know – people like Deputy Prime Minister Willie Whitelaw and Home Secretary and Trade and Industry Secretary Leon Brittan? Sure they did, but what followed was still more silence and inaction. Why?

William Hague and Savile.

Rod Richards, the former Conservative MP and leader of the Welsh Conservatives, confirmed the widely-known fact that Thatcher’s close aide, Sir Peter Morrison, was a paedophile connected to abuse in North Wales children’s homes, and he also said that William Hague, the Secretary of State for Wales who set up the Waterhouse abuse inquiry, should have known about Morrison. William Hague is now Foreign Secretary in the Cameron government helping to decide which country is bombed next.

Former Conservative Minister Edwina Currie said that Morrison had sex with underage boys and was protected by a ‘culture of sniggering’. She called him ‘a noted pederast’. This is defined as ‘a man who has sex (usually sodomy) with a boy as the passive partner.’ Others have described Morrison’s activities as an ‘open secret’.

And yet Thatcher and another of her closest aides and associates, and one of the central figures in the party, Lord McAlpine, didn’t know?

That is inconceivable, surely?

So what did they do about it? Clearly nothing, because Morrison was appointed to be Thatcher’s Parliamentary Private Secretary as late as 1990, her last year in office.

One way that Morrison protected himself from exposure was to threaten libel actions, just like Jimmy Savile did and others have done. Peter Connew, one-time editor of the Sunday Mirror, said that when journalists ‘doorstepped’ Morrison he would say ‘print and I’ll sue you’.

Connew said that he had personal experience of the way efforts to name Morrison were blocked despite him being arrested for attempting to procure young boys in public toilets. The police were prevented from charging him and Connew said that ‘such was the hush-up that nobody could get hold of the log of the arrest’:

As soon as he was brought in for importuning young boys in public toilets, the seniors would come down. That was the reason the officers leaked the details: they were outraged that the seniors had ticked them off for arresting him.



MI5 certainly knew all about the paedophile activities of the late MP for Rochdale in Lancashire, Sir Cyril Smith, who was not even in government or the main opposition party. Tony Robinson, a special branch officer with Lancashire Police in the 1970s, has described seeing a police dossier ‘thick’ with allegations from boys saying that Smith had abused them.

The dossier of Smith’s abuse was kept in a safe at special branch headquarters in Hutton, Preston, and Robinson said these words were written at the top: ‘No further action, not in the public interest. DPP [Director of Public Prosecutions].’

No, it wasn’t in the Establishment paedophile ring’s interests to prosecute and as always the interests of the abused children were irrelevant. Robinson said that shortly after seeing the file he was called by an MI5 officer who said that the evidence should be sent to London. Police now say apparently that the file has been ‘lost’ (sound familiar?).

So MI5 would cover up for a lowly politician nowhere near government, but would not cover for a massive paedophile ring operating out of 10 Downing Street? And Thatcher and major figures who were so close to her did not know it was going on?


Thatcher and McAlpine – and others – have a lot of explaining to do about why paedophile activities, of which insiders were so clearly well aware, were met with no action or exposure. The case alone of close Thatcher aide, Peter Morrison, reveals a scandalous disregard for the boys that he was abusing in North Wales and elsewhere.

In fact, it goes further. Scallywag said that MI5 took foreign diplomats to the North Wales homes and secretly filmed them abusing and torturing boys to use the tapes for blackmail. This is a classic Intelligence modus operandi with regard to child abuse by the famous and influential – especially politicians that they want to control.

If all this was just a one-off in one administration in one country at one time it would be bad enough, but it isn’t. I can tell you after two decades of research that this is typical of political systems and governments across much of the world. Paedophilia, along with secret societies and Satanism, is the cement that holds the entire global network of conspirators and their agents together across ‘different’ political parties and apparently ‘opposing’ factions.

Paedophiles, Satanists and secret society initiates watch each other’s backs, even though they may be in different political parties in public, or one may be a politician and another a police chief, judge, journalist or media owner. They are a cancer within the body politic and the wider human society.

We now have the chance to use the British example to show the world how it all fits together and dismantle this global network of horror and sickening abuse of the most vulnerable.

Watch this space. Things are moving fast and it is going to get very interesting.

Scallywag magazine editor on how the Tories covered up paedophile ring that Jimmy Savile procured for

Read more …

North Wales Children’s Home Victim Tells of Sex Parties in London

‘A man who was abused in North Wales care homes has told how he was routinely taken to London and forced to take part in sex parties. He alleges he was regularly abused as a 12-year-old boy by members of the establishment in a smart London flat.

Michael was 10 when he was first taken into care at the former children’s home called Bersham Hall near Wrexham, North Wales. He quickly became drawn into the abusive regime at the home.

But he says it was when staff from another home called Bryn Estyn in Wrexham moved to Bersham Hall that the abuse became worse. Michael, who is now 44, was one of a number of boys who would be taken down on a minibus that belonged to the home to London on a Friday evening.’

This is precisely what the Scallywag allegations in the 1990s said happened.

Click here to watch …

Well, well, Bell: Sir David Bell, leading light in the Leveson inquiry into press standards, is trustee of the group that produced the Newsnight interview which sparked the naming of former Thatcher treasurer Lord McAlpine

Bell is a key adviser to Leveson and major player with government insider Julia Middleton in the infamous Common Purpose, an organisation long exposed by Brian Gerrish at the UKColumn over many years and an organisation that has regularly appeared in my books.

Common Purpose is handed millions in taxpayer money to run ‘training course’ for ‘leaders’ at all levels of government, law enforcement, the whole lot – the ‘system’ in other words. They are developing system people with system minds – this is why there has been such a transformation of the dynamic and relationship between the public and the personnel of the system.

Julia Middleton just happens to also be co-founder with Bell of the Media Standards Trust -‘a lobby group behind a huge amount of evidence presented to the Leveson inquiry’. Two other Leveson advisers, former Ofcom chairman Lord Currie and Sir Paul Scott-Lee, former Chief Constable of West Midlands Police, have connections with Common Purpose.

A Daily Mail investigation ‘has uncovered an incestuous network of political, business and financial links between Sir David, ex-chairman of the Financial Times, and individuals and organisations appearing before the inquiry to demand statutory press regulation.’

Sir David Bell is also a trustee of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, ‘an independent not-for-profit organisation’, which was behind the interview with Steve Messham that triggered the Lord McAlpine saga that has led to the neutering of Newsnight and BBC journalism in general.

British mainstream media you are being set up with a view to making you impotent and destroying press freedom – can you see it now?


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