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FIFTH COLUMN Leftie plotters with one Common Purpose… UK -And the rest of the world! It’s global. – AMERICA- this organisation is at work in YOUR country. – Ferne A.

AMERICA- this organisation is at work in YOUR country.

AT LAST the mainstream media are revealing the true aganda of COMMON PURPOSE which is a fifth column agency working in out government and all stages down to local parish councils. Now also in Corporations.

The article in the Daily Mail does try to swing the blame for lack of earlier investgations on ‘Consiracy-ists and David Icke’ having thrown a ‘smoke screen over CP by trying to reveal them earlier. BUT Brain Gerrish is THE one who brought their ‘set up’  out into the open prior to 2004, and the Mail article used a lot of HIS published material (from the UK COLUMN) in their article!

THe press’s free speach is NOW being attacked by Government controls so now the media is ready to listen to earlier researchrs – even if they don’t admit it.


Sent: Monday, 19 November 2012, 9:36
Subject: The Leftie plotters with one Common Purpose… UK

(UK) The Sun newspaper article By TOM WELLS, Home Affairs Correspondent, and RHODRI PHILLIPS Published: 17th November 2012, reported with the above headline and following subheadline:
“Jimmy Savile scandal opens up a can of worms for Leveson.”
 How MANY years has it taken for the mainstream media to finally publish an article such as this, revealing the GLOBAL secret agenda of “Common Purpose”? The Alternative Press and internet sites however have been exposing Common Purpose for a number of years, thanks to the research of Mr Brian Gerrish a former Naval Commander and Editor of the UK Column. Gerrish, diligent in his research and presentations of the cult CP,  unravelled the insidious and nefarious activities of this secret organisation headed by David Bell and his side kick Julia Middleton. Common Purpose International is being used to implement the European Union / New World Order communitarian agenda in the UK and globally. The cult sent in its henchmen and women to infiltrate, undermine and destroy every sector of our govermental agencies/departments, our culture and indeed everything that was once British

Original article at Namaste Publishing link to original article


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