Lisa Gawlas – No More Dress Rehearsal… This Is It – 19 November 2012

I should have known when I woke up yesterday seeing the 23rd circled on November’s calendars month, the readings themselves would all be centered around that time… but noooooo.  Sometimes I swear, I can miss some really big cue’s from the universe!!  Even when they threw me a hint that I actually dismissed as I was writing  yesterday morning.  As I was sharing about the 23rd, inside I kept asking the universe why is that so important for us to be aware of.  Their response was, you’ll understand more thru the readings.  I just assumed that was their way of not giving a complete answer…again!

Everyone I read for yesterday rolled out on that acceleration point of the 23rd.  Of course, I forget we are out of time, ahead of the “current” timeline.  So we are already emerged deep within this acceleration energy and what we are doing, and how we are co-mingling with it, gives way to the true energetic’s the rest of the world will experience as they move into that literal timeline.

Just think about the implications of that for a long minute.  It really shows how important the ingredient called YOU is to the energy of this planet, how much you are changing this world by Being in it!  You are adding an element of Love that can only come thru You!  I hope you can feel just how incredibly important… how vital all that you have done within is to the greater whole!

Even those who are a bit stuck or energetically stretched are soooo important too.  You are providing a Light of release to those who need it!  We have all needed that getting to here, and thru your own heart, that energy will be more amplified in the realm of Light making it so much easier to those getting ready to step into their own Light of Christ Consciousness!!

For the better part of this year, spirit would refer to what we are going thru right now as a Cinderella /Prince Charming story.  We have spent soooo much time cleaning up not only our own energy, but the energy of history while we were at it.  The more time we spent cleaning up our shared house (earth) the more alive all that lives within that house has become (life itself!.)  Then the field started talking about the ball… getting ready for the ball and the happily ever after that each and every one of us sooo deserves to be a part of.

What I so understand today is the series of events that have taken place and our participation thru it all.  Energetically/emotionally speaking, we started to spin the threads of energy for our attire (what we are going to wear to the ever lasting ball) with the Solar Eclipse of May 20th which started to present the spools of thread as we energized them with the Venus Transit in the beginning of June (5th and 6th).  This time period and what we were doing/feeling/allowing was more important than we realized (hind sight is always 20/20 dammit!!!)

Once we were handed our spools of thread, we had to decide how we were going to weave our energy fields, our lives, to reflect the profound choice that needed to be made for our upcoming happily ever after.

From the beginning of June thru the Fall equinox, we were actually busy sewing together our new outfit to wear to the ball.  Every choice we made during that time period either strengthened the thread of our attire, or weakened it.  Keep in mind, all aspects are perfect and in the realm of the greater experience of our evolution!

From the Fall equinox to now (actually the end of November) all the measurements are being taking for the perfect fit, last-minute alterations (choices) will be made and we will all be perfectly suited for our experiences as we move into and thru the celebrations of December taking us into 2013.

This event is so huge, we have actually embarked on hundreds upon hundreds of lifetimes getting ready for this!  And finally…. Here We Are!!!

There was a lady I read for yesterday whom I really think can give us the larger scope of what this really means to us.  Well, they all could, but I only have so much time to write (smile.)

She was number 3 (I think) on the hit parade of readings, so I started to see that all spiritual eyes were completely focused on the 23rd.  Everyone was centered their in their energy field.  No one had biology associated with them either… but a really really good analogy came thru her too, to really help us al understand what is really happening and why we are seeing the energy field be so much more focused on than the biological field.

We are the new living Chia Pet!!  Chia Angels!!  For those not familiar with the Chia Pet, let me give you a picture:

From the Fall equinox thru this moment, we harvested all the seeds of energy that were available to us (for this growth period) and we planted them deep inside of us, in our hearts and solar plexus  our minds and our eyes, our feet and our legs.  Each seed energy different and purposeful and is only able to grow into it’s fullness where there is room to grow.

Let me be very clear here, if you have opened your heart, growth is underway, if you are able to see beyond the illusion, growth is underway, if you have reached out to serve the highest good (as opposed to serving the small self) the seeds are already growing thru your arms and hands.  Accelerating your reach for life!

Now, getting back to my lovely lady… when her reading opened up it was like an avalanche of Shambhala Flowers. Each flower came from what I can only say is the sky (but that is not really true) and embedded itself in each and every day from November 15th thru the 23rd.  What was interesting, each day the next flower was taller and wider… each beautiful and brilliant in its color display.  We seem to be back to a color them… again.  With high concentrations of pure white (spiritual energy) and vivid red (new earth energy) and a palate of blues (self-expression of pure Love.)

When the day reached the 23rd, this got really interesting.  I saw what looked like a laser beam of blue and violet energy come down from above and connected to the Shambhala flower that is my lady and melted her into goo.  As her flower essence was changing form with the incoming blue and violet energy, a clockwise circular pattern was happening all at the same time.  What is interesting, as her “flower” turned into a thick, liquidy goo like energy filled with the radiance of blue, red and violet… there was no dripping on the ground at all.

Keeping pace with each and every reading yesterday, we could not see what the outcome of this energy change looked like.  I could not see anything beyond the 23rd thru the end of November (and trust me, I was a looking… I wanna see everyone’s dress/suit!!!)  But… we did get to see, in the tiniest of ways, energetics of December in relationship to each person.

For this lady, somewhere just beyond the middle of December was what I can only describe as a large hanging bee hive, but it wasn’t a bee hive.  But it did look like honey that was infused with light and it was alive.  I could fee it moving and bulging… but for the life of us, we could not see what the heck it meant to her!!

Now, keep in mind, I seen this thru the very present black tarp still covering the entire month of December.  I realized that what she looked like energetically (goo) matched the consistency of that honey hive.  There is a relationship to it all.

Then she told me something, the energy of which, I will never ever forget.  She lives here in the USA and her two sons live in Europe, so she is going to Europe for the Holy-Days (and a bit longer than that.)  In booking her flight over there, the only date that kept coming back for her travel was 12/12/12, which she didn’t want to do, but really didn’t seem to have a choice.  Instantly I had seen why she needed to be flying cross-country on this particular date!!

The 12/12/12 is an opening in time/space like no other… ever.  She will be traveling in the upper atmosphere releasing the energy of Shambhala into this massive opening for ALL to feel and connect to.  From one end of the world to the other!  Talk about spreading your energy around!!  And all she has to do is sit on a plane.  Action made manifest, when to our eyes, it looks like we are simply sitting on our ass!!  Not even!!!

I watched as the waves of radiant color left a trail in the jets forward movement… like a crop duster, only in Heavenly energies.  Thank you my lovely lady for serving the Whole by serving yourSelf and your boys (and allowing me to bask in your jet stream!!!!)

Next, my super lovely Divine Counterparts.  They have opened my heart and my own understandings of what this combined energy system thru two seemingly separate humans really means to us.  Now I pray I can find the words to make what I understand within… understandable without!!  Words… man oh man, so limiting on so many levels.

My lovely man and lady showed up as the infinity sign set to moving rainbow energy… again, on the 23rd dateline.  There was such an amazing aliveness, purpose, pulsating energy to this dance of infinite energy (aka figure 8, only parallel to the earth not up and down.)  Altho there was no biology involved in what I was “seeing” I felt their energy forming this infinite flow of energy thru a criss crossing of the hands at the wrist.

What really struck me was their was no “other” feeling in this flow.  She did not feel separate from him and vise versa.  Their energy was completely co-mingled as one pulsating vibration.  But then another element came to the fore of what was happening between them and thru them.  Their figure 8ness was moving in a clockwise circle and as it moved, I could feel the contractions and expansions happening within them and thru them.  It is the “thru them” I want to talk about.

I pondered their energy all day long and what was really interesting, the more I pondered (put myself back into their energy stream) the more it evolved.  When we first connected on the phone yesterday, they were, geez, words are so hard to find accuracy with…. lets just say a tube of this flowing energy figure 8 style… the more I looked at them thru the day, the more the energy that is them, started to blend downwards to the ground… immersing the radiation into what I call the sea of energy (since I really no longer see the ground) flowing out into all of creation.  The more I pondered, the more I realized they were setting the energetic pathway to pull divine counterparts, located all over the world, to each other.

With their feeling of push pull energy, I remembered this most recent solar eclipse, how it was pushing and pulling the radiance of pure white light flowing to earth from the 11/11 gateway… and they are doing the same for all the prepared divine counterparts.  Revving up engines if you will.

Once again, I could not see what they looked or felt like beyond the 23rd acceleration energy… but…. again, we traveled over to mid-December to get a glance (sometimes, I really wish glances came with much more understanding!!!)  In the center of December (would have to be aligned to about the 15th – 16th time) they created a silver pole of energy.  In a way this looked like the center pole of a big top (keeping in mind, I am still seeing December with a huge black tarp over it.)  I could see the very top of the now upper extended tarp and that now familiar intense white light (which is not really an accurate description .. but again, flipping words!!) surrounding their high vibrational pole of energy.  Keeping in mind, silver is the higher vibration of earth energy in my readings… and with this image, I felt such a strong magnetic force at play.  But what it all means… I suppose when the time is right, we will get filled in on the rest of the story!

I do want to mention my last reading of the day… before my entire battery pack tapped out (smile.)  She appeared as this giant yellow-gold slinky kind of energy, stretched form the west field across to the center point of the 23rd.  A spiraling body of super magnetic energy pulling from the field of harvested energy to life itself.  As I tried to understand what this meant to her, I got the funniest vision… but it seems soooooo important to all of us to be aware of….

I got a glimpse of her walking down the street after the 23rd, her magnetic field so amplified that the cars parked alongside the road just lifted up from their space and whammed into her body… stuck like glue to her.

That’s intense!!

Learning to master our magnetic field… chore number 2!!

I am going to close on that note.  I love you all sooooo much.  I do want to let you know, I am seriously internet challenged these days.  I have barely been able to open a web browser all weekend, so emails, replying to comments or facebook conversations, close to impossible.  I have had zero cell signal since Friday   To say I am behind on replies… phew.  Please forgive me for not even being able to catch up.  I am calling windstream today to see when this project is going to be completed because I am finding it harder and harder to stand in the middle of patience!   Sorry, had to vent a little!!

Big big super sonic (((((HUGZ))))) to ALL!!  And deep inner gratitude to each and everyone one of you.  You rock my world on so many levels, THANK YOU!!

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