Lucas – The Eternal Light That Is Always There For You – 19 November 2012

Feeling lonely, shut out, outcast or feeling hurt.

Feeling despair in unwillingness to make peace.

Feeling the arrogance and hurt from ego.

Feeling that what has not gone the way it should.

Feeling tears from that what is hurt.

Feeling the pain of those that can not let go.

Feeling the choices that are not your direction.

Feeling the anger of accusations of those seeing themselves mirrored.

It all comes down to that what is always in you and  that is always there for you. It is your eternal light saying: “I am the candle burning from love and giving my light towards everything that is”.  It makes that what has lost its rightful place in the heart of you shinning bringhtly again. The flickering light draws your attention back from all above to see that it is you that forgives you and all that needs forgiving.  Let go of what is obsolete  and know that your heart provides all the answers always. It is your book of truths in everything. Your heart is the connecting with all and the source that is unconditional love. You will remember that it also you and all is (fine).

Love and Light,


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