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2 Minutes News – 19 November 2012

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Ac Tah Teaches Mayan Magnetic Movements – (Video 2 Parts) – 19 November 2012

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Ron Head – Michael – We Hold You In Our Hearts With Appreciation For Your Strength And Determination – 19 November 2012


We see that today we have a curious mix of personal energies to discuss with you.  Many of you are experiencing what could only be called a lull or pause.  Others are wondering where all this negativity has come from suddenly.  Some few are still feeling as if they are running full speed uphill.  It is all the same circumstance with varying symptoms, my friends.  Would you like a metaphor that would explain how all of that could possibly be similar? Continue reading


Waking Times – Dylan Charles – Monsanto Back At It Again In Costa Rica With GM Corn – 19 November 2012

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Dylan Charles, Editor
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In the small Latin American country of Costa Rica, where agriculture is king and enormous corporate plantations have dotted the country-side, a subsidiary of Monsanto is making a push to plant several hectares of genetically modified transgenic corn in the Northwestern province of Guanacaste. Continue reading

Removing The Shackles – Update – Roller Coasters And Slouch Boots – 19 November 2012

This week has been one hell of a crazy roller coaster!  Massive ups followed by quick downs as the intel geysered like an open fire hydrant one minute then dried up for endless hours at a time the next.  Smoke rolling out so thick you could walk on it all the way to the moon, followed by actual facts that left me stunned speechless.   Continue reading

Activist Post – You’re Not FREE If You Can’t Secede From An Oppressive Government – 19 November 2012

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Suzanne Lie – Trip To The Mothership – Part 12 – Mytre and Kepier – Part 4 – Continuation Of The Meeting Of The Galactic Federation – 19 November 2012

The Galactics decided that they could no longer hold back from the needs of the brave for the sake of those who were still afraid.


Kepier and I were so intently paying attention to every word that was said that we did not notice that the rows of seats behind us were silently being filled. It was not until my Arcturian Friend went to the podium and said, “Welcome Beings from Earth,” that we turned to see how much the room had filled. Continue reading

Natalie Glasson – Lord Merlin And Lady Quan Yin – Balance As A Tool Of Ascension – 19 November 2012

It is a great blessing to be able to share our love, knowledge and aspects of enlightenment with your energy at this most sacred time on the Earth. A time of celebration when all that we have been striving to achieve as a united consciousness is beginning to manifest more fully on the Earth. Your soul and your heart knows with great certainty all that you are trying to achieve and the reason that you are so dedicated to your spiritual growth at this time and in your current lifetimes. Continue reading

Earth Grid – The Matrix – 19 November 2012

Since the birth of our planet billions of years ago, it has been surrounded by grids. The existing grid consists of a geometric matrix that is based solely on a mathe-matically finite number.  Its geometric shape has created a reality that is artificial. Continue reading

David Icke – Paedophile Rings…. – 19 November 2012

(Lucas:  I recommend reading it and reading and seeing links provided, this Ickes newsletter is only for this one time available for you all on this matter.)

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The David Icke Newsletter, November 18th, 2012


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