Visionkeeper – Inspiration – 19 November 2012

I wrote the other day in a post about the importance of inspiration as inspiration leads us eventually to hope. I feel like I have to write about it again it is that important for us to connect with it however we can. We all seem to have a moment in life when we meet up with someone who inspires us to be more than we are, and that memory becomes seared within our brains and hearts forever.

Why? Because these moments are not coincidental by any means! These moments are meant to be, they are placed before us to change our lives and how we think about ourselves, and when they appear in front of us we have the choice to embrace what they bring to us or to let it pass us by. Most embrace these times and life takes a detour into a magical place where change explodes and alters who we were. Lights flash brightly and bells and whistles go off and we suddenly become new beings.

I had someone ask me once how do you live in your heart. I thought for a minute searching for words that were easy to grasp and understand for someone just beginning the journey. The words wouldn’t come in the form of an explanation of the how to, but the answer came in the form of an idea. To live in your heart aspire to make your life and yourself an inspiration to others in whatever way you can. In order to inspire others you must be doing something meaningful that catches another persons attention, you must obviously be a giving and compassionate soul and be a loving person. Living such a life is living from your heart with the giant plus that now you are also making a positive impact on someone elses life! You can be inspiring by helping others, living not only up to your potential but beyond it, providing hope where hope has been lost, giving others a reason to continue to live their lives.

This is what makes this moment in humanity’s evolving so incredibly rich! We are finally detaching from our own needs in life to reaching out to others and helping them envision a better life and more importantly live it. Slowly we are leaving behind our old perceptions that our lives are all about ourselves and who we become and what we do, what we accomplish, to realizing living life is all about ‘US as a whole’ and what we can do and become together. Feeling good about who we are and what we’ve done will never be as powerful in our hearts as what we feel when we do for others. There is a deep reward in helping others and changing lives, people are always moved deeply by such actions. This is because we are allowing ourselves to finally be who we really are, we are connecting at long last with ourselves. We were enticed off our path and into our own personal wants and needs by the dark ones but deep down we knew this is not who we really were! Finally we are coming home again.

So if you long to live a life that has meaning try becoming the very best you can be by becoming an inspiration to others. When you can change somebody elses life your being lights up within and it radiates out to the rest of the world around you. In today’s world we use the word hero to describe such people and what they do. I don’t care for the word hero. It creates the picture of a person who is automatically looked upon as being better than who we are and nothing could be further from the truth. I prefer the word inspiration because it is something that is attainable by everyone, you are not special, you are just someone who has chosen to make an effort to do the most with the life that you have been gifted with.

From this day forward let it be our choice to become an inspiration to someone who could use the lift up and the nudge to live a better life. If everybody in the world were living life from this perspective imagine what the world would be like! It would be humming with goodness and vibrating with inspiration and exploding with people finding the right path to be going down and the good feelings doing so would bring to them. Give it a try. Isn’t this really what was meant by Gandhi when he said “Be the change you wish to see?”

Blessings to us all,

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