Euronews – EU Regions At Risk Over Budget Squabble – 20 November 2012

( Lucas : I am fully about sharing and helping but as it is the EU we are talking about there’s another story to it. First of all the first possibly well intended economic zone grew into a monstrous self-governing body and it developed into greed accelerating and un-democratic corporatocracy and banking rule  build on treaties pushed down the throats of people.

The law, policies and directives and the building of a state like structure without being a state is what has become of it. It has become the first non-state form to have judicial and lawmaking powers that are outranking the national member nations constitutions and laws. The already unequal financial situations of the constant added member states led to more inequality and that is reflected also in the member states payment towards the EU budget. For instance The Netherlands is one of the bigger smaller states and founding member of the (EEC/EC and now EU) but pays still netto more than all other states.  It has become with other issues and the changing state of the EU /Euro Zone political, financial and economic situation a real problem.  A group of states is not willing to pay more than already done towards the EU budget in the light of the economic crisis , the  austerity and the inequal payment agreements that have been finalized in treaties and bilateral agreements .  For me personally we should skip the whole EU membership and its disastrous course into a NWO regional dictatorship. The Euro and ECB have been from conception by the Maastricht Treaty become a pain in the ass. My vision on things is we need to re-think Europe with an on people based unity not an arrogant corporatocracy or fascist dictatorial all-controlling state structure. The old system needs to be peacefully buried. It needs to end now maybe the EU summit on Greece and the rest of the issues will have the first domino fall to end this charade of unfairness, greed, anti-social and inhumane behaviour. )

EU Regions At Risk Over Budget Squabble

The EU’s poorest regions could be the biggest losers at this week’s budget summit as member states look to agree upon how much to spend on Europe over the next seven years.

The European Commission wants just over one trillion euros. EU Council president Herman Van Rompuy has proposed 30 billion euros less than that.

If Van Rompuy’s plans are adopted, development projects in less wealthy parts of Europe could loe money, the so-called cohesion funds.

Polish PM Donald Tusk said in Brussels last week: “Better spending must not be understood to mean no money at all. We are in favour of a balanced approach to potential cuts in the budget. Such cuts should be applied in a balanced manner throughout all European policies.”

One goal of the EU’s regional policy is to smooth out economic differences between the poorer regions in the east and south, and the rest of Europe by allocating so-called cohesion funds.

Spain once tapped regional cohesion funds to help pay for high speed trains. But now it could lose some 30 percent of that funding, which would be another blow to a country in crisis.

Iñigo Méndez de Vigo, Spanish Minister for European Affairs, said: “We want to find an agreement, but it’s not good to strike a bad agreement. So if we can’t find a good agreement, there won’t be one.”

“Everyone agrees that savings need to be made, but where to cut? Should every European region lose out or only the richest, as some are demanding,” explains Euronews’ Margherita Sforza

“That will be played out at the EU summit later this week,” she said. link to original article


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