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Judith Dagley – The Celestial Team – Create The Peace You Seek Around You, Within You. Do It Now! – 21 November 2012

Greetings, Beloved!

Please forgive us for not indulging in the loving chit-chat we have come to enjoy beginning our messages with. Our reason for “getting right to the point” is that this particular transmission is of the utmost importance, and we don’t want to risk diverting either of our energies away from it before we even begin! Instead, we wish to place our complete focus on the “crisis of violence” that is currently erupting in a certain portion of your world. Neither the circumstances nor the causes of this eruption are new. In truth, they are ancient, and have been ongoing for many, many of your years on the planet. In this NOW, however, they have become inflamed to the point of exploding outward in a way that has captured the attention of the vast majority of your entire human collective. Continue reading


Doomsday 2012: The Engineerd “End Times” Prohecy – 21 November 2012

Can you believe it? December 21, 2012, the date that the world is supposed to end is only a month away. Strange how time can fly by so fast. December 21, 2012 is a special date for all of us because it will change the course of our future. Depending on our decisions and actions, we will either continue the current path of destruction or take a new path that will lead us to prosperity. Continue reading

Bill Ballard – News And Change Of Plan For The 11Th Gate Opening. Please Read. – 21 November 2012

Bill Ballard asked me due to his video account being hacked to get this message out from solara’s cermonies and mudras.


Just received news about the 11.11 gate opening, which was sceduled for tomorrow!!!! Change of plans…. it starts NOW…. please link in if possible every hour at 11.11 and perform the mudras… for groups perform the lotus dance and star procession. The last mudra has also been changed… it DOES NOT end with the hands down towards earth but hands are raised above the head to form the diamond (with the tips of the fingers), which then rests on the head. I do not know the reason for the changes but Solara will surely have a VERY good reason for doing so!!!!!! Thank you to all for linking in and participate…. I will put a link with the demonstration of the mudras in the comments. ~ Grace Elohim Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – Rock, Roll, Slide, Spin… Wild Has Just Gone Into Overdrive!! Diagram Included! – 21 November 2012

There are some days, I swear it is like living in the midst of a shaken soda can full of energy.  Every thing seems to be popping and fizzing and spraying every which way without seemingly rhyme or reason!  Yesterday was one of THOSE days to the 10th power!!

My first attempt at reading yesterday produced a total blank.  What I never know with the first reading of the day, is the field withholding from her because it is major decision time, in which case, the field/our team always retreats to allow us our own choices… or is this going to be a void day, if so, I am just gonna be pissed!!!  I have 5 people on my hit parade for the day and no where close in time to reschedule to!!  My second reading for the day was MIA.  No phone call, no response to an email… Continue reading

Visionkeeper – Believing – 21 November 2012

(picture by http://www.favim.com)

I was thinking about our freedom yesterday as I was walking outside. I know I keep talking about certain things but I do it for a reason. I do it because I feel whatever I am talking about is very important. Believing is one of those topics I keep raising for us to think about. Continue reading

Der Spiegel – Greece – Default vs Delay – Dangerous Euro Zone-IMF Split Persists Over Greek Debt – 21 November 2012

AP A sign held by a protester earlier this month in Athens reading “IMF Get Out.”

Euro-zone finance ministers meeting in Brussels this week have been unable to reach an agreement with the International Monetary Fund on how to ensure that Greece’s debt load comes down to manageable levels. Germany and other European countries continue to reject a new debt haircut. The standoff could become dangerous. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – Solar Flares – 21 November 2012

Uploaded on 21 November 2012 by Continue reading



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Ron Van Dyke – One More Month Till The Apocalypse – 21 November 2012

Uploaded on 21 November 2012 by No, I do not believe the world will come to an end; but I do believe there is a high probability of something significant happening, hopefully by the end of the year. In the meantime, I watched the program produced by British illusionist Derren Brown yesterday – the episode entitled: Apocalypse. I thought it was very well done and will talk about that in today’s video. We will also talk about it tonight in our discussion here at the Mary Horgan Center. Here’s the link to that video playlist:

Lucas – Posting A New Paradigm – 21 November 2012

If you have seen a lot of spiritual bloggers and websites are having difficulties now in these last important days of our transition to post all the (un)important stuff that is still brought in the news over and over.  It is only about the old paradigm asking attention from your ego and mind.  The crumbling financial world with all its power is keeping a system running that is already down to its knees and totally broke. The politicians of corporate USA and other states and countries are focussed upon in the news with all the fear mongering and talk about infringements of our unalienable and universal human rights. Continue reading