Lucas – Our World Needs You To End War – Unity and Oneness – 21 November 2012

(Thanks to american kabuki for providing the picture)

Nothing more needs to be said, only done.

Make peace with your hearts, not your minds.

Forgive yourself and the others.

Know we all are one.  War is just an expression of

unbalanced energies.  The world is about peace, freedom, harmony

and abundance for all.  Now make it so.

Declare peace and get on with building the new paradigm in Unity and Oneness. The time for ego and duality is over.

If your ready or not the new 5D world will be build upon that what now crumbles down irreversibly. Let go of that what is holding you back and is part of the old paradigm. Unity and Oneness is now bringing us together again. Changes will be made and manifested in the now. The power of unconditional love from the heart is paving the way.

Love and Light,


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