Lucas – Posting A New Paradigm – 21 November 2012

If you have seen a lot of spiritual bloggers and websites are having difficulties now in these last important days of our transition to post all the (un)important stuff that is still brought in the news over and over.  It is only about the old paradigm asking attention from your ego and mind.  The crumbling financial world with all its power is keeping a system running that is already down to its knees and totally broke. The politicians of corporate USA and other states and countries are focussed upon in the news with all the fear mongering and talk about infringements of our unalienable and universal human rights.

The warmongering is still going on and having impact on lives  as people still choose to keep the duality cycle going. Still not seeing the war is fought within and not outside of you. Find yourself in your heart and make peace with you and stop embracing, prolonging,  and encouraging and keeping war going and duality going. Lay down those weapons, ignore those orders. Stop being in EGO. Go within and change and see unconditional love is now the news you should seek to take in. All the old paradigm news is just yesterdays news. There is a lot still played out now as the last differences and dualities need to be turned into unity and oneness. It is all happening now.

The new way is finding compromises and taking actions and making decisions for the best of all human kind. It is not anymore about ego, duality and greed. It is about not being hypocrite, having hidden agendas, being dishonest about you and what you stand for. See that there is abundance as there always has been enough for everyone upon the planet, but it is not being used for all in equality. Freedom can only be freedom for all, otherwise there is an exception  and there is no unconditional love from the heart in exclusion.  Oneness is  going to unite us all. Just embrace that instead of seeking that what is different, separate, not conform, being labeled  by patterns, dogmas, religions, education, upbringing, etc.

I am also finding it less attractive posting the wars, the politics and policies, the financial stories about what is going wrong, etc. But I try to tell the big picture and nothing more as the rest is ballast. Focus on that what is important: “the establishment of peace upon earth for all human kind and living in harmony, abundance and c0-creating all that is our new paradigm together from unconditional love from the heart in being all in Oneness and Unity “. The new is already forming in the now, if you can see it. Just be a part of it and unite. Be One. Be unconditional love. Join the unity in oneness campaign of the Earth Star Network. Join being love in action.  Make 22 November 2012 not only a great shift into oneness but also a great Thanksgiving Day for those in the USA.

Love and Light,


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