Visionkeeper – Believing – 21 November 2012

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I was thinking about our freedom yesterday as I was walking outside. I know I keep talking about certain things but I do it for a reason. I do it because I feel whatever I am talking about is very important. Believing is one of those topics I keep raising for us to think about.

If we see the dark ones as all-powerful and deep within we harbor even a speck of disbelief that we will see our freedom at long last, then how in heaven’s name can we bring it into our reality? If a part of us thinks we don’t stand a chance of seeing our freedom, we won’t see it! Believing is such a powerful force yet we don’t think about its effects enough to make it real. We are able to believe in things that we can be sure of like the sun rising everyday or the stars always being up there in the sky, but new things we have no proof of, we allow our doubts to creep in and take over. If we want our freedom from slavery, freedom to be who we want to be and do what we want to do, we HAVE to believe our freedom is at hand and secure that in our hearts.

We also need to have a strong belief that our light has the power to overcome the dark and make the world a loving place of peace. Thinking these things in our head does not bring about action. Manifesting requires us to believe with our hearts and that is not an easy thing to do. We have lived our whole lives believing life was one way, now we must turn everything around and see it another way. It is hard to break through the repetition of believing a certain way, but we must! So how does one just say okay I believe this way now and truly feel it?

Ask yourself how you believe in life in general? What kind of reality are you living in? It is what you’ve created for yourself after all. If you’re happy keep at it, it is obviously working. If not ask yourself what you would have to believe to change your life. Create new beliefs, write them down, look at them often and find a way to make it a certainty that if I believe this way, my life will change to reflect my new beliefs. We are not stuck with our old outdated beliefs if we don’t want them. Find the belief that no longer works for you and create a new one that is the complete opposite. Write it so it is believable. Take time with how you reword it. If you are tired of not having enough money and you believe this is the way things will always be, rewrite it. Don’t say I am rich, that is a bit hard for many to believe. Instead say something like ‘I am finding new ways to create more money in my life every day.’

Look at your new beliefs often and say them out loud to yourself. Make it a ritual to say these new beliefs over and over, after all, this is truly loving yourself to work on change to make your life better than it was before. Science has proven it takes approximately 28 days to change an old habit by replacing it with a new one. By using our deepest intention we can become whomever we desire to be. Like I continually say, imagine what the world would be like if everybody were doing this. We have bought into the belief we must deal with the hand we have been dealt and I say no! So, back to believing our freedom is possible despite whatever road blocks the dark ones create. We will be free when everyone believes in their hearts we can be free, for in doing so we have set about our intention to create our reality of freedom!

Blessings to us all,

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