Bill Ballard – To Medicine Bear – Walt Burchett 21 Years After Opening 11-11 Doorway – 22 November 2012

Uploaded on 22 November 2012 by pearls2u

AS I do the final 11th Gate activation I think back to when we Opened the 11:11 Doorway 1/11/92, and to Walt Burchett, aka Medicine Bear, my dear friend, teacher and mentor who gathered us for that event, and connecting with him as he is no longer walking here on Mother Earth. That was a time when speaking out as we take for granted today could and many times did get persons locked up never to be free again. As I do ceremony today with this final 11th Gate activation of the 11:11 Doorway, I think back to the magic I was able to share with him for those short years! Thank you to ALL who have risked their life, their freedom and who have thumbed their nose as we stay on our planetary mission to bring Mother Earth and the Collective of humanity into the Ascension! This is not only dedicated to Walt, but to ALL OF YOU! I have such gratitude and respect for everyone who held to their truths and kept on their mission even in the face of danger and threats to their freedom simply for speaking out and their truth! WE DID IT! LOVE!


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