Christina – Into The Heart Of The Ocean – Standing At The Brink Of Our Choosing – 22 November 2012

Often we assume we have limited options, to the contrary, Looking out, we see we have more than one. As we step aside from our current existence we see that in the offering we in fact have a few options. While we may be a bit perplexed at what we are viewing on the rosy pink horizon, the fuchsia lit sky holds the promise of our new home away from home.

Ordinarily one might not be aware of what is in the offering.  There is always a vantage point, looking out at the horizon we see, in the rosy glow, the inevitability and certainly that we have more than one choice. What will we choose? Planet A, or Planet B? Will it be our comeuppance, or our demise? Will we choose the destiny of our heart?

As we contemplate this for ourselves, we are aware that we are assured our safe and perfect choice. For we have always known that at this precise time we would be exactly where we were to be. In order for us to serve ourselves, to serve others, we have earnestly and methodically chosen the acceptable actions for being right where we are now.

We have loved ourselves awake enough to take care of ourselves in order to serve others.

I am reminded of the James Cameron’s legendary film, The Titanic. This love story shows us how we can, even at the last moment, choose another direction. We can fling ourselves into the heart of a dark and freezing ocean, into the unknown, and survive even when we didn’t think we could muster the strength to hold on.

Look what it took to land ourselves where we are now. Rose made a defining choice that set the stage for her to live a bold and unlimited life. For in the very bold act of choosing love, and to remain with Jack, she ultimately chose an empowered and unlimited destiny. She did it without spending the treasure of greed stuffed in her former lover’s coat pocket.

Rose maximized the gifts she received from leaping to her uncertain fate. She chose love and self-preservation. She jumped magnificently into the heart of the ocean with the man who awakened her passion for living in the moment.

May we be so bold as to choose our destiny without reservation, or hesitation. And at the brink of our choosing, may we too, be inspired by love, as we soar towards an absolutely stunning destiny.

Rose chose the timeline of unlimited boldness and passion. May we be moved by her act of self-preservation towards our ultimate destiny.

Author’s note: The blue diamond necklace was known as, The Heart of the Ocean.

The Pulse of Love, Power, Purpose and the Potency of Love,
Christina Fisher Copyright 2012 link to original article link to article

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