Bella Capozzi – Archangel Indriel – “Go Out And Spread Your Light” – 23 November 2012

♡ A blessed good day to you, Sweet Angels, and I pray that you are finding peace and a sense of optimism during this period of heightened vibration.  I feel such exultation in this now-moment, can you not tell?  Are you able to feel the love I send your way?  I am in truth suffusing you with a shower of glimmering topaz light, like a wash of crushed crystal.  My message is brief today, and it is most simple. 

Moreover, it is a call to action, my Lightworkers – and this message is that you must go out and spread your Light.  What I ask of you is to step outside your place of comfort and to move amongst the masses of Humanity, most especially today.  Indeed, today.  This is a day in which many of the lesser and more base of the 3rd dimensional Human inclinations rise up to the forefront in so many of the sleeping souls.  It is a day in which the old guard, rendered more and more powerless by your efforts, reaches out in order to latch onto the less awakened of Human hearts.  I speak of the ones who are in the infancy of their enlightenment.  These lovely souls, as of yet unaware that there is indeed a far better, far more gentle way of being.

♡ It is on this day that the energy runs high.  It is a day when the dark extends it’s weak and dying hand up from the smoldering ashes of what was once their thriving empire.  They reach up in hopes of grabbing hold of a soul or two, possibly a fencesitter or one who is feeling lost and empty and insecure.  Through the lure of the quick-fix, a costly brand new “thing” and with the lure of “owning” the “latest-and-greatest”; these young souls are operating under the illusion that these objects can fill that empty space within their heart –  which in truth can only be filled by love of The Creator.  They position themselves to be “first”, to “win”, often at the expense of theirs and their family’s comfort and safety.  They have been meticulously programmed.  They are sound asleep.  Judge them not, for they know no better.  Therefore, you are desperately needed, my friends.  Not to engage, nor to preach, not to argue and most certainly never to judge.  Just love them.  Just be in their presence as a beacon of Light.

♡ Join with friends or go alone.  Go outside.  Move as a Holy shepherd amongst your flock.  For you are the Lightworkers, and on this day of frenzied and rampant consumerism you are being asked to work the Light.  To rise to the task and dispense of your transformative and healing frequencies.  And by all means, make it a pleasant experience.  Stroll about.  Partake of the sights and sounds and festivities in what is in actuality a season of joy and coming together.  Enjoy a delicious repast.  Bestow God’s blessings upon those who are forlorn and appear to have lost their way.  And on that thought, I shall conclude, if only for now.

I am your sister, Indriel;  guardian and friend of the Lightworker.   I am your greatest cheerleader.  Ever by your side, you may call upon me, always, when you desire a friendly shoulder to lean on or a bit of unbiased advice.  I love each of you beyond measure.  Namaste.

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