Méline Lafont – Message From The Pleiadians – Love One Another These Last Days, Progression Will Be Achieved By This – 23 November 2012

Welcome, greetings from our Presence of the Light.  We are the collective consciousness of the Pleiadians, star family of many of you on Earth.

We have made a conscious choice to step forward in this time and space of Earth and we wish to elucidate on a number of things for all of you. Due to the fact that you are now in an extremely intense and important time we wish to request that you focus on certain things and become interested in them. Most important things are now going to unfold, requesting complete trust and commitment of all of you.

Some profound changes will come to pass and introduce themselves to each and everyone of you on a personal and also on a collective level. Those changes have been a long time coming, nevertheless, we feel the intensity of it all increasing and gradations of interests are beginning to surface so we no longer wish to wait to get it to complete fruition.

Love is the only state of being left when all is said and done. Since we all originated from the Light and since we put our own imprint of this further on through this evolution, all will continue to evolve from this Love and will grow into a fusion of all these particular creations and states of Being. Fusion to a high degree is now the order of the day.

That’s the reason why it is so important to hold your thoughts and creations in the most loving state. Love and tolerance towards each other create cooperation and this cooperation advances your Being and Ascension into a fusion of a collective creation and world. We too are a collective consciousness, just like many other civilizations, and we try to guide you along so you too can reach this collective state of being.

Shifts on a high energetic level are to be expected.The portals in and of themselves have brought you so far already that awakenings are happening now on a global scale, and even more is still to come forward.  Events are happening on this Earth which are no longer tolerated and we will arrange matters partly by your consciousness and our assistance. You are definitely not alone in this, you can expect our continued support at all times.  That’s why we are here in the first place, along with the great love that we actually feel and send to you all.

You and your planet are being taken care of and we oversee all that happens on your beloved planet. We are stationed and scattered everywhere around the Earth as well as in countless places in your spheres. Many times our fleet of spaceships have been observed by individuals and more observations are expected of course. Everything in its time, we know all too well what we do and what can be expected in these times.

The longings and the yearnings for first contact have considerably increased lately resulting in a shift in this regards what only can signify that our presence is already known by many. With each passing day we feel your request for contact increasing. We are extremely pleased with this and we continue working on our plan to announce our presence officially and to meet you all effectively.  In case you are uncertain as to our intentions consult your hearts and you will get to know for yourself who we really are and what we stand for. We only have your best interests at heart and display only loving intentions towards you as we feel so close to humanity and its planet. We do not differ that much in appearance from you, a fact that will become quite obvious really soon now.

What you will feel in your hearts at the moment of our meeting will be our true nature and Light, be it on an etheric level or on a physical level. You can never ever get deceived by the feeling of this : it is what it is. The only factor that would bring deception is the feeling of fear. That’s the reason why we have decided not to visit loved ones who still harbor some kind of fear in their hearts. Fear can give a distorted image of us and that’s not what we wish to arrive at; you have had more than your share of deceit and fear. We rather wait to meet a certain soul until we feel that the gradation of fear he/she is still harboring is next to nothing.

That way our real presence can be sensed, and you will see that our presence is absolutely loving and warm like a stove, a heat source in itself. Our Light will also confirm everything and prove to you what might not be sensed fully. We carry a true enlightenment with us, a state to which you are progressing and transforming shortly. We are from the Now, which is your future and which is our past as you use these terms.

Enjoy each other’s company and never forget that you all are little sparks of God’s creation and of God’s Being. How can you not feel the Love for each other? How can you not share Love with each other? Be Love and share this Love with everyone, this is most important in this moment. You are approaching this immensely important portal. Now the time has come to once and for all effectively pactice being Love and not just know about it!

With lots of Love we encircle you.

The Pleiadians

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