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2 Minutes News – Aurora & Magnetic Storm Alert [Nov. 23rd-25th] – 23 November 2012

Uploaeded on 23 November 2012 by Continue reading

John Ward – McAlpine Breaking … Wrongly Accussed Peer Set For £2.5m Damages Bonanza…. With No Court Costs – 23 November 2012

While I was tickled to note that Lord McAlpine had acceded to The Slog’s request re donating money to Children in Need, after his own initial donation, sadly the giving to charity looks like it will mainly be undertaken by those he wishes to bring to book for going on Twitter and speculating about the false accusation against him of paedophilic tendencies. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – We’re Flying Now….- 23 November 2012

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I don’t know about any of you, but the energies around my world are flying fast. So fast in fact I find quite often that my balance is slightly off and my head spins at times. As we approach the end date I feel we need to pay close attention not only to what is going on around us, but to ourselves as well. A great deal will be going on and we need to be awake and aware on all levels. Everything is beginning to come unglued at the seams. The old paradigm is cracking and splitting and its energy is being sucked out and blown away. There is panic among the ranks that they are loosing their grip on our control and indeed they are. It is time for us to take advantage of these cracks to weasel our way within and do some recruiting over to the light. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – A Fire On The Grid!! – 23 November 2012

If these days are getting stranger and stranger!  The night of the 20th, I fell asleep before 7 pm, it was all I could do to stay awake until then.  You can imagine my shock when I finally awoke and sunlight was streaming in everywhere!  There was no way I could have slept til sun up… but I did.  It was after 7 am when I finally returned to the land of the living!  Where ever I went to, must have been like the land of honey and goo… my mental processes were so thick, like an intense fog set in and never cleared for the whole day! Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Saying No To Black Friday & More – 23 November 2012

Uploaded on 23 November 2012 by As I meditated this morning, and now sit here at the computer reviewing emails, I realize that there is no especially poignant message coming through today. So what do I do? Well, one thing I will not likely do is shop, which seems to be an after-Thanksgiving tradition in the US. It’s what the media encourages; and for many corporations, their biggest boost of the entire year is the Christmas shopping season in which we have been programmed to spend. I know, for some it is about giving; but there is more to it. For myself, I choose, as much as possible, to just say NO to the brainwashing of corporate media, NO to those that try to control humanity for profit. I would like it very much if we could get the entire world to say NO to the insanity of our world.

John Smallman – Jesus – And Of Course You Cannot Agree On What Is Right! – 23 November 2012

To awaken is the right and the destiny of every sentient being, and it is God’s Will that all awaken.  The illusion has brought much pain and suffering into your hearts over the many lifetimes you have chosen to undergo experiences within it.  You do not need to continue engaging with it, because it is an invention of your collective minds, and it is they that provide its maintenance and support.  The opportunity is constantly being presented through which you can abandon it and move forwards into your fully conscious and awakened state. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Declaration Of Joy – 23 November 2012

More gifts from our angel “down under”…
“I am still 28, Declaration of Joy.”
Too often is heart’s desire at odds with the brain’s understanding. The brain is easily beguiled by surface-level forms, quick to attribute ‘truth’ to whatever it is told, quicker still to change it’s ‘mind’ as new information comes to light. The heart, meanwhile, knows nothing of this. Cardiac perception drifts along undercurrents, informing us (if we choose to listen) of the most joyful route of all the possible paths through our lives. Continue reading

Kelly Jones – 12-12-12 Grid Activation Experience – 23 November 2012

Uploaded on 21 November 2012 by The Grand Event is approaching very quickly now and December 12, 2012 initiates a vast new opportunity for all those who look and listen inwardly and upwardly. On this video the Akashic Masters share the physics of the energetics of the day.
For more information visit http://www.KellySJones.net.

Sekhmet : Crystal Ship Exercise – Beaming Love – 23 November 2012

“Well that was real joyful!* That was a real upbeat kind of an opportunity for transition. And yes, we’re all about change. Today is momentous, and we are going to amplify it even more! Oh yes, we’re here to enjoy each other’s company, so to speak, and we do want it to be joyful, and sometimes even jolly. But you all know, as Ashtar said, we are approaching the zero point hour, and the changes, and the transformations, and transmutations are already happening so fast, like lightning, as he said. Continue reading

CLN – ‘Shadow Banking’ Still Thrives, System Hits $67 Trillion – 23 November 2012

By Reuters | Via CNBC

A report by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) on Sunday appeared to confirm fears among policymakers that shadow banking is set to thrive, beyond the reach of a regulatory net tightening around traditional banks and banking activities. Continue reading