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Der Spiegel – Stefan Kaiser – Inevitability Of Debt The Faustian Bargain Between States And Banks – 23 November 2012

Are banks and governments merely feeding each other’s addictions?

States and banks have made a deal with the devil. Banks buy the sovereign bonds needed to prop states up in the tacit understanding that the states will bail them out in a pinch. But experts warn that this symbiotic arrangement might be putting the entire financial system at risk. Continue reading


Bella Capozzi – Archangel Indriel – “Go Out And Spread Your Light” – 23 November 2012

♡ A blessed good day to you, Sweet Angels, and I pray that you are finding peace and a sense of optimism during this period of heightened vibration.  I feel such exultation in this now-moment, can you not tell?  Are you able to feel the love I send your way?  I am in truth suffusing you with a shower of glimmering topaz light, like a wash of crushed crystal.  My message is brief today, and it is most simple.  Continue reading

Méline Lafont – Message From The Pleiadians – Love One Another These Last Days, Progression Will Be Achieved By This – 23 November 2012

Welcome, greetings from our Presence of the Light.  We are the collective consciousness of the Pleiadians, star family of many of you on Earth.

We have made a conscious choice to step forward in this time and space of Earth and we wish to elucidate on a number of things for all of you. Due to the fact that you are now in an extremely intense and important time we wish to request that you focus on certain things and become interested in them. Most important things are now going to unfold, requesting complete trust and commitment of all of you. Continue reading

2 Minutes News – Aurora & Magnetic Storm Alert [Nov. 23rd-25th] – 23 November 2012

Uploaeded on 23 November 2012 by Continue reading

John Ward – McAlpine Breaking … Wrongly Accussed Peer Set For £2.5m Damages Bonanza…. With No Court Costs – 23 November 2012

While I was tickled to note that Lord McAlpine had acceded to The Slog’s request re donating money to Children in Need, after his own initial donation, sadly the giving to charity looks like it will mainly be undertaken by those he wishes to bring to book for going on Twitter and speculating about the false accusation against him of paedophilic tendencies. Continue reading

Visionkeeper – We’re Flying Now….- 23 November 2012

(Picture by http://www.favim.com)

I don’t know about any of you, but the energies around my world are flying fast. So fast in fact I find quite often that my balance is slightly off and my head spins at times. As we approach the end date I feel we need to pay close attention not only to what is going on around us, but to ourselves as well. A great deal will be going on and we need to be awake and aware on all levels. Everything is beginning to come unglued at the seams. The old paradigm is cracking and splitting and its energy is being sucked out and blown away. There is panic among the ranks that they are loosing their grip on our control and indeed they are. It is time for us to take advantage of these cracks to weasel our way within and do some recruiting over to the light. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – A Fire On The Grid!! – 23 November 2012

If these days are getting stranger and stranger!  The night of the 20th, I fell asleep before 7 pm, it was all I could do to stay awake until then.  You can imagine my shock when I finally awoke and sunlight was streaming in everywhere!  There was no way I could have slept til sun up… but I did.  It was after 7 am when I finally returned to the land of the living!  Where ever I went to, must have been like the land of honey and goo… my mental processes were so thick, like an intense fog set in and never cleared for the whole day! Continue reading