The Greatest Speech Ever Made – 23 November 2012

Uploaded by on 15 July 2011

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(Translations below)
Albanian –
Amharic –
Arabic –
Bosnian/Serbian –
Bulgarian –
Chinese –
Croatian –
Czech –
Danish –
Dutch –
Estonian –
Filipino –
Finnish –
French –
Georgian –
German –
Greek –
Hebrew –
Hindi –
Hungarian –
Italian –
Japanese –
Korean –
Macedonian –
Polish –
Portuguese –
Romanian –
Russian –
Slovenian –
Spanish –
Thai –
Turkish –
Vietnamese –

*If you have a version of this video with subtitles in a language not already on the list above, send me the link and I will gladly add it. Apologies for the advertisements. The speech is matched 3rd party content, so youtube is trying to turn a profit. I do not make any money off of this video, nor would I want to. Just trying to spread a little hope.

*This video is no longer available in Germany and mobile format because of an unlawful copyright claim by a group called “Dance All Day”. If you would like to help me get this video un-blocked, please send an angry message to this company:
OR contact at:
& ask them to remove the false copyright claim.

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