Wes Annac – Accessing The Greater Light Of Our Self – 23 November 2012

I’m going to keep my writing short on this day and simply express how I’m feeling and where my personal journey is taking me thus far. Watching the extremes of duality play out on both ends, it seems increasingly that things are heating up more than ever and the heightened energies are affecting all of us differently.

We cannot appreciate pure joy and happiness without the measured-out pain and hardship we experience in our Lives and while many of us are ready to exit this Earth ride and re-find the higher realms we came here from, I think we are going to begin finding a greater appreciation for our Earth experience and for the surroundings we have around us.

Some people have probably already found this greater appreciation while the rest of us are just beginning to catch up but with how events have played-out in my Life these past few days, I think it can be accurate to predict as well that many of us will go through or have already been through an intense period of seeming hardship and a testing of our faith to it’s very core, before finding the greater appreciation.

It is hoped that all of us are able to get through this intense phase in our growth and some of us may be taken under temporarily with the doubts, the pains, the fears and anxieties that seem to manifest in our personal Lives at the exact wrong times but if and when we can find a clear lense of perception to do anything we can to get ourselves away from the very energies that drive all of those things listed above, we will begin noticing the Light energies all around us in much greater ways.

For my own reasons, I was feeling down and incomplete recently and it was then that I experienced a rehashing of doubt that I thought I’d already long transmuted and been done with. We’ve been told that we’d face aspects of ourselves that we thought to have transmuted over and over again until the final releases are made and the doubt I was experiencing was not just in our unfolding New Age, but in myself.

I doubted myself as a proper instrument for the higher realms to come forth because of my human self that will attempt to shine through but in experiencing that doubt, I was reminded and shown that that human part of me is still there.

“Well, you can’t take em with ya!”

That aspect of my Self still rooted in ego was having a heyday within me, without me even realizing it was so. That aspect was lying dormant as I slowly and steadily transmuted more and more of it and recently, it has made itself known so that it and I can undergo the proper review, release and transmutation and release and transmute it I will!

I’ve noticed doubt creeping into the minds and hearts of a few others recently and I think it’s a safe guess that they are going through a similar process in themselves. The wonderful thing about these processes is that we are now being offered personal peaks into the reserves of Light that we hold within.

Yes, we’ve received impressions of our inner-held Light and some of us have probably perceived of such Light during meditation but based on the experience I’ve had recently, it seems that when we are feeling the lowest of the low is when we will unlock our full ability to perceive of our inner-Light.

For me, this came about as a realization on my part of aspects of my Self that were still disconnected from this Light, simply because I wasn’t making enough efforts to try and feel it. The separation from my God Self and from that inherent Light that we can all access, was feeding bouts of unhappiness within myself and this translated into temporary doubts about our unfolding ascension process which were again, also doubts about myself and my ability to feel the Light that parts of me felt disconnected from.

Right as I realized I’d been feeding a separation from my inner-held Light, I felt and accessed once again my own reservoir of Lighted energies which we can feel and use to mend any pains; within ourselves and all those around us. Imagine the implications of accessing this Light for yourselves, dear friends!

To appeal to those of us who are very empathic, imagine literally being able to have others funnel their negative and dense energy through your own inner-reserve of Light and have it transmuted and their sore moods mended, with no ill effects to you for being the “transmuter” because your Light is that strong and potent and because you are able to feel and access it in such strong ways.

This is what the catalytic sadness, depression, anxiety and doubt is leading us toward feeling and accessing, dear friends.

We are being led to feel our inner-Light in much more real and potent ways as we access and remember parts of ourselves who have been lost too deeply in the lower dimensional fray. We are accessing and transmuting all that has been bred out of density and in doing so, we are accessing parts of ourselves that the very separation from has fed within us, the inherent sadness that so many of us are working through.

Once we access this Light in ourselves, we can give ourselves “Containment” in such Light energies whenever we feel the need to. Again, the separation from this very Light is what feeds an unhappy Earth experience and when this Earth proves overwhelming as it often can, we can “contain” ourselves within our personal Light and heal ourselves for as long as we need to.

You may find a natural yet potent meditation resulting from doing this and whenever you are ready, you will be able to bring yourself back to the trials and tribulations of the Earth with a greater Light held and known within and thus, everything we Love about the Earth will become much more readily apparent than everything that frustrates us.

It only frustrates us because we feel separated from the very inner-held Light we can now access and heal ourselves with. In essence – we are ascending!

Well, this writing was intended to be short but it feels good to write through all that I’ve experienced and felt lately. The brimming, unbridled happiness turned to temporary yet strong sadness and that turned to a greater realizing and accessing of my personal inner-held Light, which will translate into an array of positive effects in my personal Life. Sounds like an ascension process to me!

Wes Annac – Simply Is. It feels great!

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