Ron Van Dyke – I Owe Obama And Everyone An Apology – 24 November 2012

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Yes, I was taken in by the propaganda against Obama, believing a lie circulated about how many executive orders he has signed compared to other presidents. When I was told that it wasn’t true that he had signed more than all previous presidents combined, I did not believe it. I had seen it repeated again and again on the Internet; it had to be true. Yet when I got home and checked the federal register of the national archives, I was stunned. It wasn’t even close. Even JFK and Gerald Ford had signed more than Obama has so far, and that was less than three years in each case. How much of what we believe is true falls into the same category as this – only propaganda? No matter how many times we may repeat a lie, it will never make it the truth. I’m truly sorry, not only that I was taken in by this, but that I had repeated it several times in my videos in which my intent has always been to tell the truth.

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