Bella Capozzi – “The Travel- Angels”: Getting To Know Our Loving Protectors, Escorts, And Firends – 25 November 2012

There is a fascinating, but somewhat lesser know company of Angels around us at all times.  A type of Guardian Angel, they stand ready to come to our aid at a moment’s notice, and always with an air of joviality and bright smiles on their faces.  This group identified themselves to me simply as the “Travel Angels”, a name that pretty much sums up what their mission with us is on the planet right now.  With the Holiday Season upon us, placing most of us out on the roads and airways more than any other time of the year, I thought it would be the perfect time to introduce these wonderful helpers to those of you who haven’t yet had the pleasure of meeting them.

I first got to know the Travel Angels back in 1996, when my son was still a little baby.  Like most first-time-Mom’s, I was incredibly protective and often unsure of what I was doing.  Several of my friends had also been pregnant at the same time I was, and we were going through the learning experience together.  We each had our own particular quirks and worries, where our new babies were concerned, and my two were kidnappers and motor vehicles.  Yes, all types of motor vehicles, strange as that may sound.  At the time, I was unable to pinpoint where this fear came from.  I meditated, prayed about it and asked my Team for help, but no definitive answer was forthcoming.  I was told, as we all often are, that I had to work through it on my own and the answers will come to me.

Whenever I strapped him into his carseat, to go shopping or to the pediatrician, I would find myself gripped by a crushing fear.  My solar-plexus would contract, and often I would would have to stop and breath deeply for awhile, before I felt ready to get safely behind the wheel.  I  kept telling myself that this was silly.  I had to face my fears and conquer them.  I had to take control.  It was not until I had thoroughly encased my SUV in an impenetrable fortress of white light that I would be able to calmly drive with my baby in the car.  This sudden phobia was so puzzling.  I, myself, have very little history on this planet and I’ve never been in any type of car accident or anything.  However, I’ve since learned that my son (who is actually my brother in “real”, “off-planet” life) has a very lengthy and tumultuous history here on Earth.  He went down with Atlantis, and has been a warrior and rebel throughout his lifetimes. This, in addition to his time spent fighting in the Galactic Wars.

So, needless to say, the first time I had to travel with my son on an airplane, I was beside myself with worry.  But I was anxious to go home to Connecticut to see my family, so I bravely boarded a flight that would take us from Orange County, California to the Westchester County airport in New York.  I had purchased my son his own seat (what if there was turbulence? Would he go flying across the cabin?  And so on and so forth…).  The plane was delayed on the runway, and as we sat awaiting our turn for take-off, I proceeded to surround the plane with an thick orb of white light.  I prayed, asking God and my Team to safely get us to Connecticut.  And then I saw them…

Angels! To say that they were beautiful would be an understatement.  They were breathtaking, stunning, their faces so flawless that they looked like they were carved from the finest white marble.  They each looked somewhat alike, sharing the same wavy auburn hair and tall, slender build.  They were very clearly a mixture of males and females, and wore pure white clothing in a variety of current styles.  This, I found aspect especially intriguing!  Along with the fact that several of the females had what looked to be long, floral-printed scarves around their necks. We were seated just behind the wing, and as I looked out the window I saw that there were possibly hundreds of them lined up around the perimeter of the wing.  Glancing across the aisle, I could see that they were lined up around the other wing as well.  They seemed to be chatting happily among themselves, telepathically, only moving their mouths to laugh and to smile.  Their hands lightly touched the edges of the plane, and even though the aircraft was still parked, they floated outward as if we were already flying in the air!

To this day, I never go anywhere without these loving companions.  Ever since that that day on the plane, my fears went away, and I have the Travel Angels to thank for that.  These Angels are available to each and every one of us, and they are really fast to arrive.  Ask them to surround your car, bike, airplane, and most especially – your children’s schoolbus.  No ritual is needed.  Just ask for them.  You will know them by their distinct physical appearance, whether you see them physically or in your mind’s eye.  They have explained to me that this is their chosen means of assistance to us, during our Earth experiences.  For some reason, I find that my verbal communication with them is sort of patchy and choppy.  They tend to come in with very short, direct sentences and ideas.  But they do wish to begin sharing with all of you, so here is a little introductory message that I got while I was typing this up:

The Travel Angels;

“We are a younger band.  We are recently formed.  Formed in conjunction with the populating of Earth.  For the Earth’s people.  From the earliest days.  Long ago, according to the measurement of time.  We came from all over. The call went out by Divine Decree.  The band was formed.  Ours is a deep love for the Earth’s people.  This planet and everything she represents.  Our demeanor is bright.  But be not fooled by our prettiness.  This is a revolutionary band.  The call went out to warrior bands, only. To protect.  No small job is this.  The protection of you has been a battle.  This lessens, now.  You require less protection in the days to come.  You remember how to protect yourself.  Though, we are here for you.  And we shall speak again.”

I hope you’ll  take the time to get to know these wonderful Angels, if you don’t know them already. Wishing you all safe and happy travels!

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