Lisa Gawlas – The Flames Of Passion : It’s Time To Hit The Ground Running!! – 25 November 2012

There are days, like yesterday, I don’t know if I am coming, going, or just gonna lay down and be flat-out.  I do believe, yesterday, I was all three at once!!  The field itself was on lock down!  Of all the days during this acceleration point, I really anticipated the 23rd itself to be a day of no readings, yet the readings on the 23rd were like peering into Heaven and actually getting a little meat on the bone for dinner (sorry, don’t know how to come up with an analogy that is vegetable/vegetarian oriented.)  But before I get to the readings/information from the 23rd, I gotta share the tail end of a conversation I had yesterday.

So many people are very focused on meeting their Divine Counterpart, some, to the point of being their soul focal point.  I know we are all chomping at the bit to get this part of our life’s journey started, and my beautiful man on the other end of my Light connection (phone) is no different.  However, just before we hung up the phone I got this amazing and vivid image/information not only for him, but for all of us.  This not only applies to divine counterpart energy, but anything we are putting our energy into with so much focus.

I suddenly seen myself getting into my car and embarking on a road trip to Virginia   This, for me, is a four-day car ride.  In watching this unfold in my vision, spirit said that if I was only concentrated on the arrival point (being with my kids and grandson again) during the whole trip, I am going to miss the journey along the way.  I may miss turns, exits, and even inner conversations with myself because I am no longer on the journey, but out ahead in the arrival… more than likely, making the travel time longer than needed.

What ever we are focused on doing at any given point is never about the arrival or destination, it is about the journey to get there.  Because once you arrive, you simply change vehicles and a whole other journey starts.

This is actually what the acceleration point of the 23rd is all about!  Changing vehicles and starting a whole new ride forward!!  There were a couple common elements with the readings on the 23rd.  The first one being, no one showed up on the ground and each one echoed the same sentiment, you cannot touch the ground until the 25th.  Each one showed up on what looked like a saucer shaped area of the new shiny gold grid, all about 10 feet in circumference.   Everyone was immersed in flames.  But the flames changed from the day before, I am not sure how I didn’t even notice this til today (maybe i needed a whole day off to really assimilate it all.)

When I seen the new grid with the flames stretching as far as my eye could see on the 22nd, they were your usual yellow/orange huge flames.  I could not see a thing thru them or around them… just fire on the grid.  However, on the 23rd the fire was still everywhere on their saucer shaped grid area, but, it was a clearer, blue kind of flame that I was looking thru.  So I just now did a search to understand the two different kind of flames…. and man does it make sense:

Yellow flames such as those from a campfire or candle, come from the burning of relatively “dirty” fuels, in the sense that the fuel is not completely converted into carbon dioxide and water, but leaves little bits of unburned carbon. Those bits of carbon get hot and glow, making the yellow light that you see. Once they cool a bit, those bits of carbon – and other unburnt stuff that isn’t carbon dioxide or water vapor – also go into making smoke, which is why the clean, blue flames are smokeless, while the dirty, yellow flames come with smoke.   Clean fuels like propane or alcohol or natural gas burn mainly into carbon dioxide and water vapor, both of which are invisible.

This understanding really gives clarity to the first lady I had read for on the 23rd!!  She showed up as a five foot slab of taffy like energy, maybe about a foot or two in width.  This slab of energy that was her was so deep in its coloring… like the deepest darkest reds, blues and blacks.  The very moment I connect with this image of her located on the center of her saucer shaped grid (still about 10 feet above the ground) and her clear blue fire flames…. she split down the middle and one half of her fell to the right, the other to the left.  Talk about taking me by surprise!!!  I did (eventually) understand that what no longer serves her is going to fall away (left side) allowing more room for her to grow into the new (right side.)

The hazard of being the first person on my schedule for the day when the field completely shifts, I don’t get the full meaning of what was seen until I have others to compare information to.  I had three other readings after her, all of them had body’s I could see and every body was preparing “to hit the ground running.”  She was still finding her form, her sense of self in this next great adventure called life.  In order to move into her new form, she had to let go of parts of her old form and that is exactly what she is undergoing right now!

My second lady was equally a surprise to me, there she was, hands clinched on the grid of energy as she was hanging beneath it.  I thought… what the hell are you doing there?  What was even more interesting, the information that came back to me in understanding, did not come from the field itself, but directly from HER energy field.  I want to be very clear on what this means (since I am really just learning it myself as I type…smile.)

In all connections, there is a co-mingling of energies that take place.  A combination of “the field” (which consists of our spiritual teams and more) as well as your personal connection to your soul wisdom, and my personal connection to my soul wisdom (which is what allows me to see and understand as I do.)  More often than not (at least up til now) the information that comes back to us thru the questions is a combination of all three energy fields and I hear that thru my right ear.  However, with this incredible lady, the information was flowing directly towards me from her, meaning she had integrated the vast amount of harvested energy that was available and it now comes thru her directly.  So when I asked why is she hanging on for dear life underneath the grid-work  it was her soul energy that replied.

She had already gone thru the fires the week before (like I have been saying, we are not in this present time but out in our perceived future… unless we keep pulling ourselves back to the present.)  However, she did need to wait (as everyone else on this day did) for the ground itself to go thru it’s change before she can step back onto the earth.  But man… she was ready!!  Even her hands clinching the new energy grid had incredible purpose, she was taking in the energy that is now 2013 and assimilating her body to it, and equally, exhaling thru your life field all that she is getting ready to do.

Thru the conversation with her soul I knew we would not be able to get on the ground until the 25th… the three earth day process of change.

It is no wonder why, with all the readings of this past week or so, I could not move a single person beyond the 23rd… now I get it!  I hope you do too (saving my typing fingers here!)

I was sure we were not going to see anything beyond her image hanging onto dear life waiting for the ground to be ready… until she asked a question.  For the life of me, I cannot remember what the question was, but I sure as hell remember, vividly, the details of it!!

My vision went to December.  I was so excited to not see that black tarp, instead, the first half of December was flooded with a clear light the likes of which my eyes have never seen.. or felt before!!  Granted, we could only see the first half… but hey… that more than we have gotten all year!!  Also, the very same way November revealed itself too.

In the first week of December, on the left side of her energy field was the most amazing water colored tree.  It looked very much like this (without the guys hand painting lol):

As I surveyed her landscape even more, in what felt like the 2nd week of December were water colored flowers.  The moment I seen them, I recognized the energy: Shambhala Flowers!!  I was popping out of my skin with excitement!!  What was even more interesting, as I looked at her patch of flowers, I knew counting them was important in their understanding and meaning in her reading.

It was an interesting exchange for sure.  I was able to count five, yet, I had to count in a very specific way for their numerology to be understood   There were 2+3 which equaled 5.  Two (duality) where set apart from the three (action and communication) to form the group of 5 (change.)

The tree itself is her wisdom tree/tree of life.  The roots of the tree connect directly to her flower patch.  I really tried to understand why water colors?  Every time before this moment, anything that looked painted felt acrylic and thick, like hunks of paint was on the visual.  Not here.  Again, it is only today do I really understand this too.

With water colors, there are no solid edges, everything blends together, a blending of all the energies to create with, but… not stand out with.  Even her flowers in the reading were more blended like the tree.  I chose this particular picture for the 2+3 energy of it, but they were not anywhere near as defined as the ones in this picture.  I had to smile as her reading had taken place on the 23rd, amplifying the 2+3=5 energy of her Shambhala flowers.

The unity in energy.

Then she asked about her divine counterpart… this cracked me up.  The very first thing her team said to her, as they unfolded the visual was “don’t get hung up on the details” which took me a moment to understand.  I had seen him thru the blackness that was the end of December, walking towards her and then she towards him.

I realized as I watched the two walk towards center, that the details weren’t about time at all.  Right now, the only thing that exist is the energy thru December 31st.  So they weren’t showing a timeline to get hung up on… but a movement towards each other.

As I watched and waited for more information about this meeting, something new was placed in the field, in the very center of December (15th – 16th) a ring of gold. It was laying directly on the ground and ohhhhhh man the vibration I could feel from it!!  Phew baby!  It really wasn’t all that big, very much like a single wedding band and only about a foot in circumference.  Instantly I remember the wedding band that had hoovered above the ground at the first week of November.  Granted it was much larger and vertical in the air.  Our mission with that November one was to flow our energy thru it… merging with the fields of heaven on earth.  Well, we have done that!!

I have no clue what the one on the ground means… yet.  But holy vibration batman, I sure can feel it!!

I do want to mention here, especially in the (now) understanding of the water color energy and those of us still seeking to know what we are going to be doing in this next phase of Life adventure.

Often times, we seek our individualness as a thing to do.   We need to reformat our thinking, our approach to everything… very much like the watercolor energy and blend with each other.  Not trying to stick out, but be a part of it all.  Blending into each other to serve the greater good.  I hope you understand what I mean by that.

My next reading on that day rocked my world with understanding.  He was standing on the right edge of his saucer shaped grid, hands over his head as if he was ready to take a dive onto the earth.  He too… was simply waiting for the new earth to form and be ready for his high energy field.  Once again, his soul was “ready to hit the ground running” and in a moment of wondering out loud…, whats up with these flames… his own energy field made the understanding quite clear.  The flames of passion.  Instantly I got a vision of a picture of Jesus (go figure) with a flame in his heart:

Only get rid of the cross and get rid of the thorns (amazing all the pictures that look like what I had seen are wrapped up in deception.. what the hell is up with that) but in my search to find a picture of him that was not bleeding and wrapped in thorns, I found one that I just love even more… gotta share it with you here:

So, the flame of passion is completely alive and on the new grid of Life.  This would give understanding to the repeated phrase over and over again “hit the ground running!!”

My last lady was extraordinary too.   I so love my job!!  lol  There she was at the right edge of her flaming grid of life with what looked like a parallel bar gymnists use to swing on… with her too, she was hanging on for dear life.  The feeling with her was very different than my other lady under the grid… she was hanging on because she had no idea what to expect from any of this new energy world.  I could see her palms sweating this really thick black inky sweat… the deep unknown!!

She had told me that she was pretty new to this world and that is very much how she feels…

I find her inner talent very interesting, she created a tool that she needed to keep pace with her own rapid soul infusion, that parallel bar.  As above, so below and hang on for dear life as the accelerated changes begin!!

We are amazingly creative and resourceful on every level!!

I want to change the subject just a little bit, but with a point to all that was just shared above.  My own journey.  For the last several months I have been asking spirit to enlarge my territory, to broaden the scope of my ability to help serve the greater good of all that is unfolding.  I know my internal desire was made manifest the day I received the news about that malignant melanoma on my back (serving the past energies at the heart center.)  I have really been paying attention to myself these days… the words, the energy, the understandings that emerge from my own heart to the processor called my brain.

When anyone gets news of something as devastating as the word cancer, most people focus souly on their selfs, their healing, their personal life and with that, all the energy is placed on the individual instead of the collective.  Every time my heart address me with this Can-Seer journey, it is not about serving and healing the body named Lisa, but the whole collective called cancer.

I have witnessed my own biology change rapidly from June thru now, and I would love to keep some paddles in the river of DeNial, but I cannot any longer.  Yesterday I was feeling what I had really signed up for… phew.  The enormity of it all… and I finally had a sit down with Archangel Michael yesterday.  I had asked (quite sternly) him if they were going to find cancer elsewhere in my body and his reply was yes.  But, I knew that already, I just needed to hear it.  Gotta throw a humorous but serious question out there for him… I asked him next:  Will it matter if I quit smoking… I had to giggle when he said no.  Phew… I really don’t want to do that anywayz!!  So I asked him if he had a message for me… this was the first time I ever had a sit down with him that I did not let him give me a message first.  He simply said (surrounded by all the energy that goes with it) “We Love You.”  That i know undeniably!  So my last question for that session was what should I do with this new journey I am on, his reply was equally simple:  ”Live openly thru it all.”

When I checked the mail for the day I got new appointments from my Oncology team.  I will be going for a suture check on December 5th and then a sit down with my oncology surgeon on (drum roll please) 12/12/12 to go over the full results of all the tests and biopsies.  The one thing I know for sure… this is going to be an amazing journey and I pray, the greatest contribution of my life to Life!!  WE will do this with love, joy and laughter!

I love y’all soooo much and am soooo thankful for each and every one of you.

I want to end this sharing with an amazing image that was shared on my facebook yesterday that lights up my heart with Love and unlimited potentials and the words that were shared with it:

Holy Cow and Freakin, Flippin Dolphins…Batgirl!!
Anything can happen!!
There are NO rules!!

Just for the record… I Am that cow learning to swim in a brand new sea of Life!!  Thank God for all you Dolphins!!

((((HUGZ)))) filled with adventures!!

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