Bill Ballard – Incoming Energies – Apology To Deepak For Incomplete Info In Last Vid – 26 November 2012

Uploaded  on 26 November 2012 by WOW! Solar Flare Barrage Incoming… Boom Boom Boom as the Light Explodes around us, within us, changing All That Is washing old negative and lower vibrations with it’s intensity! More CMEs are being released from the Sun and those wont get here for another 3 days with several already on their way! WOW! Yes, these are hitting me hard too and observing what is going on is truly amazing! It is purging us to the core, but that level depends on each individual and the level of mastery they themselves wish to obtain and the intent, focus and work they put into their individual process… For me… I feel like Im glowing while still dumping old energies! Whew! And it’s getting ready to step up again as another CME is just now hitting Earth! Whew! LOVE!

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