John Ward – Vreece Breaking : New Poll Puts Left In The Lead, Far Right Twice The Size Of PASOK – 26 November 2012

The social engineering skills of the EU were on full display this evening as the latest Greek opinion poll showed Alexis Tripras’s Syriza Party clearly in the lead, with fully one in eight respondents proposing to vote for the Greek Nazis, Golden Dawn. Both Parties appear to have gained from a loss of support for the Democratic Left.

The topline breakdown is as follows:

23.5% SYRIZA (Alexis Tsipras)

19% Nea Dimocratia (Antonis Samaras)

12% Chrysi Avgi (Golden Dawn)

6.5% Independent Greeks (ANEL)

6% PASOK (Evangelos Veryfatperson)

5% KKE

3.5% Democratic Left. (DIMAR)

Thus the man negotiating with Berlin-am-Brussels lacks the support of 4 in 5 Greeks, and his deputy Coalition partner is hated by 94% of Greeks. So it’s not exactly a rousing vote of support for Herman and Angela. As revealed here recently, if he swerves slightly to the Right and then tempts the Venizelos dregs across to his Europe Party, Samaras might just edge into the lead. Whethere he could stop Golden Dawn from invading Albania is another story. link to original article

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