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3 Minutes News – Watches Begin, More CMEs On The Way – 26 November 2012

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Blossom Goodchild – 26 November 2012

So … another week has whizzed by … ever closer to the end of the year … and My! How this year has flown by. I’m just leaving it up to you … You know best I FEEL …

The warmest of greetings to each one. You speak of time flying by and we agree that this is the case for you. Yet in the New time it shall seem to be even quicker … Much more as if there is NO time. For time is of the old paradigm and will become of less and less importance as ‘time’ moves on. The coming weeks shall be as if a day is a minute. Continue reading

CE Radio – Talking With Franco DeNicola About The Shift – 26 November 2012

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Are you confused about what is happening on the planet? Looking for information on how we can change the world?

Franco DeNicola welcomes you to a 2 hour talk geared towards understanding the shift and how we can make changes in our world. Feel free to ask any questions live via the chat or by calling in. (Lucas : this is recorded so not live anymore!) Continue reading

John Ward – Rotherham : Childcare Boss In UKip Row Presided Over Paedophile Epidemic: But Her Only Aim Was To Find The Whistle-Blower – 26 November 2012

The Director in charge of Children’s Services for Rotherham Joyce Thacker (left) called in South Yorkshire police nearly three months ago on the issue of child protection failures in the region. But her sole purpose in doing so was to find out who had leaked a confidential report about dangerous incompetence to the Times newspaper.

The report showed that paedophile ring crimes had been widespread for years, and hundreds of children had been at risk. Pakistani taxi firms in the area were also profoundly implicated in the horror. But the Council chose instead “for reasons of social and cultural diversity” to sit on the findings. Once again, political fancy had triumphed over criminal fact. Continue reading

Angela Peregoff – The Week Ahead – 26 November 2012

Expanded awareness is an absolute must for making sense of what is occurring in today’s world and beyond. Interesting, awesome and strange shiftings have become an every day event, but this week the mists of evolution that enfold us are of a harmonizing culmination. While all energy transpires on multiple levels of reality, producing numerous probable outcomes my guess is that by the time we are witnessing the full Moon lunar eclipse (11/28) later this week we will be able to say, “it’s a good week”. The lunar shower that is arriving will bestow Gaia with a “spa effect” of vitality and rejuvenation. She is ready to step into that space of deep relaxation and total peace that happens when we pamper ourselves. To be in harmony with her this week I suggest creating pampering of your own and avoid any undue stress. Take each day as it comes and flow through your week as a component of Universal Harmony. Continue reading

WakingTimes – Howard G. Charing – Icaros, The Magical Chants Of The Ayahuasca Shamans – 26 November 2012

recall one night time Ayahuasca ceremony, held in a small clearing in the Amazon rainforest. It was a beautiful clear night, there was no moon, and the sky was filled with hundreds of thousands of glistening stars; just looking up at the sky made my head swim. Continue reading

Suzanne Lie – Trip To The Mothership – Part 12 – Mytre And Kepier – Part 5 – Nightly Visits – 26 November 2012

My next day began very early, as I received a message to meet with the Arcturian as soon as I was able. The communication seemed important, so I instantly dressed and went for our meeting. We met, as usual, at the Holosuite, as it was such a great place to learn by doing. When I arrived, the Arcturian had the Nature Program running and was sitting by the waterfall inviting me to join it. My instructions began as soon as I sat down.

“Dear Mytre, in preparation for your communicating with many different peoples and civilizations, we wish to talk to you about expanding your telepathic abilities. You are doing wonderfully with your telepathic communication with us and with Kepier. However, when you are the only one who can communicate telepathically, it will be a more difficult task.

“Therefore, we wish to go over some of what we have already taught you to lay a firm foundation for a more advanced discussion on inter-dimensional communication. All telepathy will not be inter-dimensional, but much of your ensuing communications will be with Beings of either a higher or lower frequency of resonance. We will begin our instruction by giving you more information regarding communing with your Heart/Mind.

“We wish to tell you more about your Heart/Mind. Yes, Heart/Mind is a combination of your heart and mind, but it is much more. Actually, your Heart/Mind is your High Heart, which has the ability to receive all frequencies of light in any pattern. Hence, your High Heart can think; which is a process of translating light patterns into a form of language. Your High Heart can also love unconditionally because unconditional love is among the highest frequencies of light.

“Your incarnations in the lower worlds have led you to the habit of believing that your thoughts and emotions are separate. This belief is false, as both thoughts and emotions are patterns of light that are interpreted in a different manner. Thoughts are interpreted by how the patterns of light interact with each other. Conversely, emotions are interpreted by how the patterns of light interact with whatever form you are wearing.

“If one is free of all form, there is truly no difference at all between thoughts and emotions; they are all patterns of light. Our resonance is the carrier wave for the light patterns we send. Hence, when we send patterns of light into your consciousness, we blend our resonance with yours.

“The merging of our energy fields, which is all the light patterns we are sending to you, enter your Pineal Gland, which shares the light patterns with your High Heart to be translated. The informational component is what you perceive as thoughts, whereas the imagistic component is what you receive as emotions. When you separate the thoughts from the emotions in that manner, you lose much of the information.

“On the other hand, your Heart/Mind is able to maintain the interaction of thoughts and images to create a more expanded message. That is why we ask you to meditate and release fearful memories, as fear distorts our messages. The frequency of any form of fear restricts your band of reception, cutting off the high and low peaks of information.

“For example, we may send you an image of a tree. However, if you have fear when you receive that image, the top of tree would be cut off, as well as the deep root systems. Hence, any information about the life force of the tree’s new growth or the health of its roots would not be transmitted.

“When you surrender into fearful emotions, rather than blocking or limiting them, you can perceive the emotion with your Heart/Mind. Your Heart/Mind can then garner all the information embedded within that emotion. Remember, emotions are merely a form of communication. Fearful emotions tell you that it is not safe to be receptive to incoming energy fields.

“However, you do not want to limit your ability to receive full communications from your SELF because of events that are no longer in your life. These “past” emotional events remain as “scar tissue” in your receptive neural net. Therefore, even when there is a message filled with love, the scar tissue will distort the loving message.

“This distortion can cause you to misinterpret a loving emotion as a fearful emotion. For example, you have had many hardships in the past, which you still carry in your consciousness. It is vital that you release these memories, as well as the scar tissue that they have created.

“Since you are the creator of your reality, you have the ability to choose to release these old memories. Then call for your High Heart’s Thymus Gland to heal that area of your form, as well as your neural net. In this manner, fear from the past is released, and you are able to receive a broader frequency band of the messages that we send you.

“Also, you will be communicating with Galactics and Celestials who do not use any form of language other than telepathic projection. On the other hand, you will be communicating with ascending ones who have little or no experience with imagistic communication. Therefore you will be called upon to expand your communication skills to embrace both higher and lower frequencies of reality.

“Your ability to remain confident and calm is important when you are assisting those who are unaccustomed to telepathic communication. Telepathic communication is received by matching your state of consciousness with the one with whom you are communicating. Hence, you may need to maintain higher or lower states of consciousness for longer than you are accustomed.

“There are many who visit us in their dream state. We would like you to practice your telepathy skills with these visitors. This experience will assist you while you are also assisting them.  Kepier will be joining you shortly. If you have any questions, please give us a telepathy call.”

The Arcturian instantly beamed away, as if it had something important to attend to and left me to turn off the hologram. After I did that, I went to the Mess Hall to get some breakfast before I began my new assignment. I was not surprised to see that Kepier was there with a cup of hot tea waiting for me.

“I see you knew I was coming.” I said with a grin. “You were speaking with the Arcturian in the same moment that I was, weren’t you?”

“Yes,” she replied. “Again, we are receiving a lesson via our experience. I think we are ready to participate in more than one reality at a time. What do you think?”

“That does appear to be the lesson,” I agreed. “Do you think that we are meant to remain in this version of our SELF while we go into the fourth dimensional Astral Realm to assist the ones in dream state?”

“I was thinking the same thing. The visitors are experiencing the two realities of sleeping in their bed, as well as the one in which they are visiting the Ship. It would make sense that we should also live two realities.”

Kepier and I continued our discussion while we ate our breakfast, then we walked together to the Visitors Center. The visitors who came to us in dream state often came to the fourth dimensional counterpart of the Visitors Center. This Center resonated to a frequency lower than the Ship; hence, it was located in the Ship’s aura.

The visitors came to this area until they learned how to expand their consciousness into the fifth dimension so that they could visit the actual body of the Ship. One of Kepier’s and my assignments would be to assist these visitors to release their attachment to their lower resonance and raise their consciousness into the fifth dimension. Once their consciousness resonated to that frequency, we could assist them to create a form in which they could visit the higher frequencies of the Ship.

This expansion of their consciousness was exactly like ascension. Therefore, they came not just to visit the Ship, but also to practice transferring their consciousness into a higher frequency container/body. Once they were wearing the fifth dimensional frequency form, they could perceive the Ship around them. Some visitors entered the Restoration Room, but that transition of consciousness was not the same as it was done via the Restoration Chair.

Meeting in the fourth dimension to learn how to raise their own resonance was a vital lesson for their process of ascension. It was also important to be able to raise their own resonance so that they could more clearly experience our Landings. The only correlation between “time” on the Ship and Earth time was that the Mothership could correlate to Earth Time. Therefore, we had no idea when these Landings would begin from the perspective if Earth time.

In our perception of reality, we are already in contact with the higher expressions of many Earth Beings. It was up to those Beings to find a way to awaken their lower dimensional selves and their reality. We could easily perceive the Wave of Ascension Energy, and were assisting the ascending ones to sense it as well.

Of course, there are myriad possible realities, and many of the ascending ones will choose different ascension realities. Also, as the ascending ones remember how to simultaneously live more than one reality, they could have several experiences of ascension. Since Earth time was not out of sync with the NOW of the Ship, we were welcoming visitors from many different realities and timelines.

Kepier and I left the Mess Hall and beamed directly to the Visitors Center. We used our joint energy field to create a second reality in the Ship’s fourth dimensional aura, while we maintained our fifth dimensional expressions on the Ship’s fifth dimensional Visitors Center. Once we arrived, we went our own way in search of those in need of assistance.

As I walked through the somewhat ghostly forms of night bodies, I understood why the Arcturian had so completely briefed me about telepathy. As I telepathically projected that I was there to assist them, I realized that many of these sleeping forms were not ready for communication.

However, there were a few who came toward me. Unlike the others, they seemed to be able to see me and realized that I might be able to help them. After a few of these “awake sleepers” gathered around me, more came into our circle, then even more. These visitors were primarily from Earth, and they came from every country, culture, age and social status.

Of course, the children were the first to understand my telepathy, and they began to assist the adults. I could see that I would greatly enjoy this assignment. I had never met Earthlings before. That is, I could not remember meeting Earthlings. On the other hand, I was still not aware of many of my expressions of SELF.

The Earthlings seemed eager to learn to be ready to change their world. However, I could not sufficiently answer the most asked question“Will I  remember this meeting when I wake up?”

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Activist Post – John Cathey – Reformation Of Society – 26 November 2012

As noted by so many, the present state of the global society, fragmented and partitioned through forces such as nationalism, pride, and economy, is far from perfect. However, were the world of humanity only in such a condition for sake of necessity, things might not be so bad.
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IO9 – George Dvorsky – The Emerging Science Of ‘Collective Intelligence’ – And The Rise Of The Global Brain – 26 November 2012

Over at the Edge there’s a fascinating article by Thomas W. Maloneabout the work he and others are doing to understand the rise of collective human intelligence — an emergent phenomenon that’s being primarily driven by our information technologies. We may be on an evolutionary trajectory, he argues, that could someday give rise to the global brain. And amazingly, he’s developing an entirely new scientific discipline to back his case. Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – Constitutional Crisis In Spain; Pro-Referendum Parties Win 87 Of 135 Seats – 26 November 2012

Spain takes a giant step towards a full-blown constitutional crisis as Catalans overwhelmingly elect candidates promising a break-up vote.

Catalonia has delivered a sweeping mandate to political parties pledging to hold a referendum on independence in elections that place the northern Spanish region on a collision course with Madrid. Continue reading