Sophia Love – It is time – 26 November 2012

“The last month of the world as we know it” (reference to yesterdays blog)

Okay then.  Let’s do this.  Let’s now have the world “as we’ve dreamed it”. Let’s have peace.  Let’s enjoy prosperity.  Let’s feel our bodies rejuvenate with vitality, strength and beauty.  This is now a compassionate world.  It operates as if driven by a gentle touch from a kind hand.  All are seen with eyes of love and cared for with patient understanding.

This world “as we’ve dreamed it” is lush; its waters flow clear and abundantly.  Its colors are vibrant under the deepest blue and violet skies.  We are surrounded with love here, cushioned by agape, swimming in oceans of diversity.  Each glorious expression of life is celebrated; every moment a priceless gem.

Reflect on the world this last month and remember, for no doubt you’ll one day tell a new generation of humans what it once was. They will uncover an old dictionary and some words that have no meaning for them.  They will ask you to define poverty, hatred, hunger, corruption, weapon, disease, greed and prejudice.  This is the last month where these words can be seen on our streets.  The humans coming next will have no idea what they look like.

I felt an unborn baby kick yesterday!  He is due to arrive in about ten weeks, well after this “last month of the world as we know it”.  He’ll be born to a world of oneness.  He can’t wait!  He is itching to embark on this world “as we’ve dreamed it”.  So am I!

Our imagination is our most powerful tool.  Let’s vividly dream our new world.  Feel the love that is there, hear the sounds and witness the miracle.  There is nothing we cannot have.

We have entered a time of lucid dreaming.  It is our moment to consciously create the world we desire.  Focus now on your wildest imaginings.  What is here today has had plenty of attention; point your eyes on only love.  We’ve come for just this perspective.

We are the One, waiting is no longer necessary.  It is time.

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