Visionkeeper – The New World Feels Close Now…. – 26 November 2012

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Well the count down clicker is clicking loudly now. The planet alignments of 12/21/12 are almost upon us and everybody seems to be feeling something going on within. Anticipation, fatigue, dizziness, headaches, twirling in the stomach, you name it and it is going on. I think perhaps one of the most difficult parts of what we are all experiencing is the uncertainty of everything. We are walking into the abyss of the unknown but with deep trust and faith in our hearts.

We are the crew of the Enterprise embarking on a journey where no man has ever gone before. It’s exciting, it is exhausting, it is beyond comprehension at times, it is the biggest test of faith we have ever had to face and yet we seem to be going along with a deep conviction about where we are headed. It is truly remarkable to think about that. The fear has been shed and our new being is charging ahead not knowing what in the world to expect, if anything at all! People seem to think because the Mayans said it is so it will be, but is that true? We don’t know do we? My point exactly, we don’t know and we need to be ready for whatever does or does not transpire in the closing hours and days of 2012.

It is hard to think we have spent a whole year getting ready for this, doing our work within, facing continual massive disinformation, illusions and lies. It has been a mega test on all levels yet we have stood our ground and continued forward, believing in our hearts that we were doing what we had been called to do, hold the light amidst the darkness. Ever wonder how you were chosen for such a job? I bet there was huge line of amazing beings waiting and hoping to be picked for this magnificent journey into humanity’s colossal shift in its consciousness. This is one of those once in a lifetime happenings or a once in a paradigm happening as it were. We should all feel blessed to be here at this moment in time. WOW!

So are we all ready for what lies ahead? Looking at the YouTube videos of the insanity taking place on Black Friday makes one wonder what lies ahead. If people are willing to draw guns and shoot over an iPod or Big Screen TV, what in heaven’s name will they do if there is a food shortage or gas shortage? There is still a large segment of society still totally brainwashed and unaware unfortunately and these sleep-walkers can become unhinged very easily when things are not as they expect them to be. Unfortunately Black Friday showed us a great deal about what we are up against. Not to sound negative here, just laying out all the cards on the table so we can see them.

How do we prepare and get ready for what we don’t know might lie ahead? Good question. I have been thinking lately about what the dark ones are up to behind the scenes. I am also thinking how this 12/21/12 time frame would be their last gasp of hope to unleash their mayhem. What a wonderful time to crash the economy and mightily distract us all out of our heart centers when that will be of supreme importance to our endeavors. Lets face it, this is a critical time for both sides in this battle. One side or the other will not survive. I sincerely hope enough of us have eliminated the fear and will be able to maintain the light should something dramatic take place. Do we have enough light beings to push the shift forward, will we actually be able to maintain under such immense duress? We do not know, but we must think about this and be ready.

On a happier note I think we are all starting to feel comfortable in our new ways of being so far. Being in our hearts seems to be natural now. Not long ago we didn’t even know how to accomplish this. Now we are caring for others, no longer desiring ‘things’, seeing the bigger picture, finding our priorities, holding the light. We are being in different so many ways yet we probably don’t even realize it anymore. We await the shift yet it is already here and in full swing! Stop a moment and glance back to see where you have come from and where you are now. The shift is shifting as we go about our new lives. Do not hope for trumpets blaring in heaven on 12/21/12. Don’t set yourself up for a massive let down. Be happy with what we have accomplished to date and the change that has transformed so many. Be at peace within and expect nothing. It has been a privilege to be here at this time doing what we are doing. If nothing else takes place we at least have changed ourselves for the better and brought new meaning to our lives. If something more happens then shout Hallelujah.

Blessings to us all,

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