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Lisa Gawlas – The Living Portals Of Light (aka YOU) Scattered About The Earth! – 27 November 2012

Let me tell you, that crazy thing I call “the field of Life” baffles me so much these days.  One day it is talking about being in this 3 day period of working out, having me just assume that day two of this 3 day period all the relationships on the field will mean the same.  But ohhhh…. hell no!!  What gets my goat is these changes and shifts are happening with no warning at all!!  I was already two readings into my day before the field enlightened me to what more was added!! Continue reading

Suzanne Spooner – The December 21st Alignment By God & Gabriel – 27 November 2012

November 27, 2012

God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel. How are you this fine day?] We are splendid! May we address the subject of the December 21st alignment? [By all means, please do!]

The alignment of the 21st is a marker in time and space. The ancient civilizations knew this date would herald in a new age. In a third dimensional continuum, the “date” would be important. There is no greater way to get the attention of those in 3-D than to put a time-stamp on a significant event.  All ears are open, albeit with different understandings. The openness of the ears is the purpose of the date. Continue reading

Sophia Love – Flying As One – 27 November 2012

Audio Version

It’s 15 degrees by the lake here this morning.  A dozen huge white herons are circling round and round, occasionally diving down and skimming the water.  This is unusual, seeing them working together like this.  They are more typically alone or in pairs.  They too are adapting to this constant, intense stream of love; they are acting as One.  Continue reading

Ron Head – Michael – See The First Trickles Of Wondrous Changes And Know In Your Hearts The Vast Floods Are Following – 27 November 2012


We perceive at this time your beautiful anticipation and your efforts to ready yourselves for the twelve-twelve gateway.  Please do not allow yourselves to go into the energy of stress over this, dear ones.  Your course has been set by your desire and intentions. Continue reading

Dana Mrkich – Lunar Eclipse Rejuvenation – 27 November 2012

For those who have been following the posts over the past couple of weeks, you’ll know that I’ve described this series of Eclipses and Alignments as like being a car wash/rinse/dry process. Well here we are at the ‘getting dried’ part of the cycle with the Lunar Eclipse Full Moon. The energy is incredibly soothing, and you may feel like your energy bodies (and physical) are getting a lovely, healing massage, renewing you after what has been a very turbulent fortnight as we’ve been pumelled by those very determined washers! Continue reading

Bill Ballard – Coming Up To The Energetic Benchmark Aligning With The Galactic Center – 27 November 2012

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3 Minutes News – What Could Disappear? – 27 November 2012

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