Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Tale You Spin – 27 November 2012

God said:

Welcome to the world of God. And what a wonderful world it is! What a wonderful God am I Who created this wonderful world and created you and wonderful how I keep the whole world churning. Once in motion, always in motion, even as always all the time, Silence and Stillness are the basis. The world runs on silence and makes lots of noise.

Who else could this Creation have occurred to? It occurred to Me, and then Creation occurred. How simple, how divinely simple. And you occurred.

As if with a snap of My fingers, the Universe, all of it, was created. In one moment the Universe burst forth. I had a thought, and there it was manifested in all its majesty. Who but I could have pictured a world and have it appear right before Our eyes with fishes swimming and birds flying and human beings scratching their heads?

The world had been held in suspension, and then, I blew on it, and flowers grew and mountains heaped up and the seas were the plaything of the Moon, and the Moon waxed and waned as does all of life in the world. And the Moon affects the seas, and the seas make the Moon happy, and so is every single thing in the Universe connected. There is nothing and no one to whom you are not connected, whether you know it or not, and you are also connected to Me. Everyone is.

All of life is a connection of one thing or another. There is nothing that can be disconnected. You may think so. Regardless of what you may think, you and I and the whole Universe are connected. Connection is the modus operandi. There it is, the current of life, the electricity turned on. All the four corners of the world are intimately connected. There is no one and nothing that is not related to you, and you are related to all, and that’s how it is.

Even if you are the only one on a deserted island, no one is by himself. The same moon that pulls the tides also pulls you. Of course, it can be wisely said, that I am the Puller Mightier than the Moon. True, yet I do not pull the strings. You are not a marionette. You are the Child of God, a flower grown to sweeten the Earth and all who run around on it.

Can you think of anything I left out of Creation? Is there anything missing? See how silently the wheels of the Universe spin. All the wheels of the Universe are within you. Your molecules spin. Everything spins. The Universe is like a Magic Spinning Wheel. It spins life. It spins love. Creation spins, and you spin, and gears revolve, and all is spinning, spinning, spinning. Spun gold. All is gold. All is golden. Hearts are made of gold.

Flaxen is spun. Tops are spun. Cotton candy is spun. Tales are spun, and you are spinning your tale right now. You spin your tale, and you act in the play. What an actor you are! Phenomenal. You play your designated part to a T.

You designated your part. You signed up for it. You may think that no one in his right mind would choose your life, yet you were in your right mind when you chose it to fulfill that which you chose to fulfill. You were in your knowing mind. You didn’t cast lots. You chose. Somehow, one way or another, you are on your chosen path.

Of course, you can choose again. In the blink of an eye, you can rewrite your story. If I created the Universe at the flip of a switch, what can you not do? You make a difference to the world. Surely, you can make a difference to the tale you spin. link to original article

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