Lisa Gawlas – The Living Portals Of Light (aka YOU) Scattered About The Earth! – 27 November 2012

Let me tell you, that crazy thing I call “the field of Life” baffles me so much these days.  One day it is talking about being in this 3 day period of working out, having me just assume that day two of this 3 day period all the relationships on the field will mean the same.  But ohhhh…. hell no!!  What gets my goat is these changes and shifts are happening with no warning at all!!  I was already two readings into my day before the field enlightened me to what more was added!!

I had a really hard time, actually it was impossible, to get a concept of time… even just days was all blurry and stretched out.  Which confused me in interpreting the first two readings of the day!!  (Not very nice if you ask me!!!)  It wasn’t until I took a bath meditation in between my 2nd and 3rd readings did I get even a speck of clarity of what was happening on the field.

I so completely forgot about that overlapping energy of November and December (which was detailed in this blog with diagram.)  Dah!!  No wonder there is no sense of time or month or anything really.  We are in another push / pull energy thru the first week of December.  Elongating the new, contracting the energy within.  Phew!!

I had a beautiful friend in Switzerland email me a dream she had with me in it yesterday and I would really like to share it here:

Tonight was truly out of any human words… first I met you somewhere, sure it was you as I saw your soul, but you had no clue so I wondered in what dimension/planet/now I was this time… then WE met over Sedona… many of US.. cause we discussed how to bring all these energy “down” that will come in in the next weeks, for even if none (even “up there”) has no clue how it will truly unfold, what we all do know is… it’s gonna be INTENSE, and in order to spread it all over the Planet we decided how to better share it all among US Living Portals of Light. All this according to the place we walk on Now and the energies we’re surrounded with AND the Energy Level we all can bear right Now. Pheuh… While doing so I told ya I met you in another place but you were not aware you were you and you started laughing your belly out and said “hope it’s not so tough for me there as it was here!!!”

Wow… we all became pretty series as we SAW what is going to come IN…

Have no clue if it happened, if it will, how it happens but one thing I’m sure of… Love… we need to GROUND GROUND GROUND!!! For we have no seat belts and it’s going to be a wild RIDE LOL.

Would not want to be in those shoes of those that still hold on so tight…

In reading what we shared together in her dream time (I so want to remember these visits too!!!!) what really stuck out for me was this line: US Living Portals of Light.  Talk about a moment of deep AH-HA feelings!!  Just a few days ago while having a conversation with someone instead of a reading, the field had said that there are days no connections are very necessary because we do not realize exactly what is happening when we are connected together.  Thru that I instantly understood we are not only getting information to help us understand where we are and where we are going.. but we are releasing an energy thru the created fields of life in every single connection.  The Living Portals of Light, coming together, exploding new energy, new radiation and codes into the massive vortex that is the back yard and Mesa Cliff of my home, outwards into all creation.  My beloved friend put the exclamation mark on what was stated!

It is no wonder those “communities” have not formed yet… YOU are way too vital to the landscape you walk upon.  To the people who will pass by you on the street, in a store, even at a Doctors office (spoken to self with that one lol.)  From this side of the veil, you cannot even fathom the profound change you are creating by just Being you, authentically, each and every day.

Actually, I think I am going to take this sharing into a whole different direction this morning.  Just typing that above paragraph .. A whole other box of goodies just opened up.  I think we can all understand how profound, how deep and rich these moments are to the greater whole by understanding what I am understanding within myself right now.

I had woken up on the 23rd of this month with my eyes on fire.  They stung and burned like crazy.  It didn’t interfere in my ability to read, and I personally was amazed at what we were able to see and feel and understand during the readings of the 23rd… the center point of the global acceleration point on earth.  So when I attempted to do readings on the 24th, i was so surprised the field held my antenna back.. I could feel them holding it inside my head as I tried to crank it out into the field.  All that day, I could feel the intense tears welling up behind my eyes… this presence of energy that was everywhere around me, not good nor bad, just…. everywhere.  As the day moved on the pressure behind my eyes built up.

Until this morning, I didn’t fully understand what I was feeling… just that the incredible sadness was building.  I spent the day researching as much as I could on my pathology report (not very wise really) but also… spirit was giving me a blow-by-blow understanding of the biological changes that have been happening within me pretty much since June.  Primarily centered around my lungs.  Of course, I attribute EVERYTHING to the intense energy we have been sailing in since the start of 2012, and I will say, that is still very much a true statement.  Everything has been accelerating thru this year, which is why that thingie on my back grew so rapidly during this year.   Even the delay in having it removed… purposeful!

Right around the time I got my pathology report, something very interesting happened and I sooooo didn’t want to talk about it, tho, the knowing never left me.  I have two crystals that are always on my desk.  An incredible clear quartz that recently developed a striation of Light down the center (well, it could look like a fuzzy pole going straight down) but I do know crystal speak.  This one day, that very crystal somehow jumped into an ashtray I just emptied.  I looked at it, asked it “how the hell did you get in there,” took it out of my ashtray, and continued writing my blog.  But I knew.  I knew exactly what is was saying.  I was not ready in any way to deal with THAT!!

In this biology review and the memory of that crystals giving me a heads up of where this journey will take me… the not knowing, I have decided, is much more difficult than knowing.

That is when I had a serious sit down with Archangel Michael.  He had affirmed what I had already known, but didn’t want to think about.

I also so understand now, why my team is giving me information drip by drip.  It takes me a really long moment to find my comfortableness with what I have signed up for.  Like breaking in a new pair of shoes…

The evening of the 24th, my son had called as he does just about every single day, several times a day… and I decided, I needed to prep him for what may lay ahead.    I couldn’t even get the words out of my mouth and the damn behind my eyes just burst.  I hung on him… and just sobbed.  I wasn’t even really sure what I was crying about… but I swear to god it came from deep in my toes all the way up and out my eyes.

Until this very night, I had been waking up every single night just about, coughing so bad I puke up so much phlegm and we won’t even talk about the lack of bladder control!!  Since that night with my son… I have had zero coughing spells.

But the next day, there was that pesky sadness behind my eyes again.  Only this time, I knew it was not mine.  It felt so foreign and so there without a cause.  As I tried to understand what was welling up behind my eyes, it is the first time my team actually allowed me to see a (my) cluster of cancer cells.  They did not align it to any part of my body, I actually see it as an outside, to my right, cluster of the most amazing white cells of cancer.  I only know it is cancer cells because it tells me so.  There is a pulse to the cluster of cells, like tiny little breaths pulsing with life.  Beautiful really!

I had to wonder, why are they appearing so white when they have always appeared so black?  The reply is humbling… the lack of Fear allows it to be seen for what it is.  Anytime we view anything with FEAR, it blocks out the light and its truth within the Light of creation.  Seen in their natural state of Light, they really are lovable little creatures!!

So, yesterday, with this crazy ass sadness still bulging behind my eyes… I took a bath to understand what on earth am I feeling here.  Funny how when we are in something so new, so utterly unexpected, we (I) completely forgot what I had signed up for.  I am now tapped into the collective energy called cancer.  Altho, I don’t know this part 100% yet… but I do have a feeling it is the part called lung cancer.  The sadness… the overwhelmingly uncried tears on earth.  In people.

I started to understand what my part is in this brand new journey of mine.  I sat in my kitchen in between my 2nd and 3rd appointments processing what I just received in meditation.  That is when I had seen the mixing of energies we call the end of November and the beginning of December.  What i had seen yesterday in the first two readings is not just representing the last days of November, but all that is taking us into December as well.  Mixing and mingling together to give us a grander energy-scape to understand from,  Not in minute details, but in an energetic acknowledgment of what you/we are preparing to do.

After my last reading yesterday, I had to go out and get bird seed and some girly supplies.  I had that little familiar knee jerk reaction as I thought about spending more money when I just Ho-Ho-Ho-ed like I haven’t done since my children were little… biting into my bill money even!!  In that knee jerk moment… something so new happened.  Archangel Michael filled my whole living room with his presence and his now so very familiar words “we got your back.”   I have never, not even once, ever, felt him like I did yesterday.  I swear he switched out the air in my home and replaced it with his energy.

On my way to the feed store I suddenly remembered I am going to have a hunk out of my back in two days, there is no way I will be able to carry 50 pounds of bird seed from my car into my home next week… I better get 2 fifty pound bags and be safe.

I don’t think i was gone a whole two hours, by the time I got back home, I had enough new sales come thru that completely covered what I just spent and the negative I created in my bill money by snuggling up to amazon on thanksgiving day!!  I cried!

I think Michael stayed parked in my living room… because the energy… the sheer magnitude of gratitude of everything… him, you, my kids, my life, my cancer, everything was just everywhere.  It was so big and so present I couldn’t sleep at all.  Like being on a sugar high.  I finally drifted off just before midnight and woke up to go pee at 1:30.  I was feeling rather wide awake but said… ain’t no way I am staying up!  I curled back up on the couch, tossed, turned… and then, closed my eyes for… I swear to God only a minute.  The next thing I knew I was surrounded in daylight and it was after 7am!!  I know I didn’t fall asleep.  There is a feeling when you sleep… and I did not do that.  I closed my eyes and close to 5 hours disappeared from my couch!!

As synchronicity would have it…. I am watching Steven Spielberg’s mini-series “Taken.”  That movie series is based around so many people loosing hours of time in what seemed like a second for them.

As I get up, get me some coffee and stare at my computer… a memory was so present… so connected to what just happened.

It was 2008, I was living in an apartment in Newport News, VA and as I usually do, was sleeping on my couch, which faced my double sliding glass doors.  I had just woken up for the morning (which was back when I still woke up in daylight hours) I could see this ET standing by my front door just looking at me.  He didn’t make a move nor a sound… and he was as real as if someone human was standing there watching me sleep.  He resembled the body image of the “grays” only he wasn’t gray and he so was not short… he was more a tan/brown and about 5 foot tall.  The c closest picture I could find (but is not 100% accurate) is this:

In that moment we held each others stare, I felt… taken care of/watched over.  I am not even sure that is a correct description of what I felt, but as close as I can get right now.  The moment I blinked, he was gone.

This morning, so many other memories come zooming in, as if to fill in blanks and a bigger puzzle emerges.  Back in 2001 two separate things happened.  A friend who was a very active poster on the spiritual forum that I “grew up” on posted about his memory of being abducted and what happened… the moment I read his detailed experience, I broke out in such a sweat and could barely breathe… it felt like, on some level, I had remembered the experience myself… only, I didn’t really.  When I asked him about my reaction to his sharing, he said it was because I had the same experience.

Several months later, I had a friend staying with me for a few weeks (I was still living in North Carolina then) and he told me one morning that he came out to talk to me in the middle of the night and I was not on the couch and asked me where I went.  I laughed and told him no where… he said that is not true, I was no where in the house… but my car was still parked outside!!

Go figure!!

So here I am, in my very own episode of the Twilight zone… wondering, what exactly happened when I closed my eyes last night… I KNOW I didn’t go to sleep.

Now to bounce back (sorry if I am not very succinct here) to the first reading of the day yesterday cuz it is sitting in the front of my face wanting talked about… she/it really baffled me so much, until now.  Keeping in mind, I had no idea about the overlapping energies of this month and next, or at least, I had completely forgotten.

She was set up at the furthest side of the west field and I could feel this energy infusion from the silo of harvested energy into her back (spine.)  Directly at her feet were what looked like multicolored fluorescent bulbs / tubes (the long kind like in ceilings.)  They were rolling in place and I counted 9 (completion) of them all right next to each other. I watched as she stepped onto these tubes that so reminded me of stepping onto an escalator, or the moving floors at airports (she went straight across the ground, not up at all.)  As she stepped onto these rolling tubes, they seemed to naturally carry her forward, but what really surprised me was the energy release as she moved over these tubes.  It was like the weight of her body broken open some part of these multi-colored energy tubes and it released intense energy onto the field of earth with so much light infused in the release.  I realized that this energy release went as high as her upper calf, changing and enhancing not only the foundation of her life, but All of Life!!

i was trying to get a handle on time with her tubes, I couldn’t tho.  It was like time was non-existent and seemed to have no purpose.  As I followed her energy tubes to the 9th one suddenly the next adventure was placed right down next it.  A new, yet connected set up tubes that was in the opposite direction.  This left me really scratching my head.  The multi-colored energy stopped and a bright intense series of yellow/orange/gold tubes were now present.  There were 5 (the number of change.  I went to my microsoft paint to try to replicate what I had seen… altho in what I am going to share there is a lot of white space in the zig zag energy of the tubes… there was none in her reading at all.  It is just wayyy to time-consuming to create the tunes with my inadequate skill level using paint!!

For the life of me, I could not figure out what this meant to her during her reading.  One of the hazards of being first on a field change!  Today, I get it.  The rainbow energy is all encompassing… there will not be an aspect of Life, the foundation of Life unaffected   Everything we think, do and say is about to change on every level.  She herself is providing this energy just by walking and breathing at the same time.

The pull back into what looked like mid-November was actually showing the pull back into the depth of HerSelf.  The pure soul energy that is alive on earth in a living breathing body.  From there, was a sling shot feeling of being catapulted into what I will just call the fullness of Decembers energy.

This, altho the visual it unique to her, the understanding of it all…. is what we are all going thru now.  The foundations of our lives are changing.  What we thought we once knew, we don’t.  What worked yesterday is lifeless today.

The deep inner pull, deep into the soul of knowing is the only way we will move fully, joyfully, and with purpose (without what seems direction) into December and most especially…. 2013.

You, each and everyone one of you are activated fully as Living Portals of Light.  Think about the lighthouses, the light itself is always moving… shining, illuminating the darkness by Being.  Love, Truth, Honesty, Detached Compassion.  That is Your Light in Action… it is what you came here to DO!!  And you are about to get brighter and more intense in your Light Role!

I love and honor you all soooo much.  I have got to end this sharing now cuz my fingers are tired and thru a blessed reading today… I must also do a Can-Seer sharing today… Holy wildness batman!!

The Light is just so excited… on ALL levels of Illumination!!

((((((HUGZ)))))) of wonder, celebration and ET love to all!!! (smile)

Lisa Gawlas

P.S. I most likely won’t have a sharing out the next two days.  Tomorrow is my PET/CT scan and the day after my surgery.  Both days I have to leave the house at 0 dark thirty!! Link to original article


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