Sophia Love – Flying As One – 27 November 2012

Audio Version

It’s 15 degrees by the lake here this morning.  A dozen huge white herons are circling round and round, occasionally diving down and skimming the water.  This is unusual, seeing them working together like this.  They are more typically alone or in pairs.  They too are adapting to this constant, intense stream of love; they are acting as One. 
It is like watching a well choreographed dance – the sun gradually lifts the shadows from the backdrop of bare trees, as this flock of stark white feathered wings swim through the air in unison.  On the still waters beneath them, a hundred geese paddle quietly, mesmerized.  One by one the herons depart, as if on cue; after thirty minutes only a single pair remains, sweeping in an ever widening circle, eventually disappearing over the tree tops.  This silent demonstration of unity has finished.
The Hopi say that “the time for the lone wolf is over”.  Oneness will be like nothing we’ve ever experienced.  As these birds flew together this morning by some inner prompting, we too will move as One.
This is not patriotism, team spirit or family pride.  This is a deep inner resonance with life.  All of creation speaks and oneness is an amplifier, opening our senses to truth.  There are no wasted moments.  There is no useless creature and you do not have to take time out of your day to appreciate nature – there is no time.  Life is.  Every moment is an appreciation of creation.
The schedules and deadlines and lost moments will dissolve as illusions naturally do.  Life presents itself to us in all ways as a constant flow before our eyes – in faces, sunsets, laughter, trees, work and play.  Life becomes the only thing we do!  There are no jobs or days off or vacation – all is One.
Polarity was a trick, a magician’s illusion, so pervasive that it infiltrated every aspect of existence.  We have come to believe there is something other than us; that we are capable of inflicting pain or pleasure, loss or abundance and freedom or slavery without feeling it ourselves.  It’s a lie.
As Oneness envelops our every move, we’ll come to understand that the discomfort felt with each judgment, negative thought or harsh word, is just like stubbing your own toe.  All of us are mirrors.  This is the time to fall in love with your reflection without exception.  The care that we give to our loved one will be given still – as our understanding of “loved one” expands, so does love.
All of creation is love’s expression.  We are witnessing God in every moment.   Waiting is no longer necessary, we are the One.

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