Suzanne Spooner – The December 21st Alignment By God & Gabriel – 27 November 2012

November 27, 2012

God & Gabriel

[Hello God & Gabriel. How are you this fine day?] We are splendid! May we address the subject of the December 21st alignment? [By all means, please do!]

The alignment of the 21st is a marker in time and space. The ancient civilizations knew this date would herald in a new age. In a third dimensional continuum, the “date” would be important. There is no greater way to get the attention of those in 3-D than to put a time-stamp on a significant event.  All ears are open, albeit with different understandings. The openness of the ears is the purpose of the date.

Now, the alignment has importance unto itself. This reaches through ‘time’ and  beyond space & dimensions. This is the junction of the shift in consciousness of the great experiment of Earth and Her frequency. Never before has all lined up to ascend in this manner. Only your planet has asked for this role.

In her great wisdom, She is hosting the party of the Cosmos. Give your hostess a round of applause! Simply do this by sending her love and gratitude. From this experiment, We expand our love and open the gates to your truth. All is well. Not an ounce of worry or concern needs to be weighed. All is perfect in each decision one makes. Let go and follow your heart!

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