Visionkeeper – Love – 27 November 2012

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Love it turns out is the key we have been searching for to open up the cell door so we can get out of prison. If we had paid attention to the words of Jesus so long ago we might not have taken so long to get to where we are today, then again, all is as it should be. Things happen for a reason and they happen when the time is right.

So if love is the answer( the key),  then our trust and belief in the process is what is needed to turn that key and actually unlock the cell door. We are in actuality our own jailers that are keeping ourselves behind bars. We can blame it on the dark ones but the blame game is why we are still stuck today. That 3D thought form is outdated and we need to get beyond it. WE have not been loving, we have not had faith or even knowledge in the process that is taking place. We were busy buying and lost track of our connection to the whole. But we are waking up now and it is time to stop the blame game and get on with the business at hand. Learning how to love and have faith and trust in the source of all that is.

Do we need a primer on how to love? How to love for dummies 101. I don’t know, we have been devoid of love for so long, we have been conditioned to hate, and judge, and doubt and have been walled off from the natural feelings of love and compassion. It is time to re-engage our love if we haven’t done so already. First one must de-condition themselves from the dark ones ways. As you go through your day catch yourself if you are about to judge, belittle, doubt etc. and replace it with good feelings. Always ask yourself before speaking or doing ” is what I am about to do/say going to make the world a better place”   If not, don’t do or say it! We are here to be love, give love and think love and hold the light.

Random acts of kindness are a wonderful way to re-engage our love within. It is such a satisfying feeling to help another being and to see the gratitude in their eyes. If I do something and they thank me I always say “Thank me by helping someone else today”. If everyone is doing this it sure spreads out around the world quickly. We need to be injecting copious amounts of love onto the planet right now. I have spoken before about how the dark ones are ramping up their evil and in turn we must ramp up our love and flood the planet with it. Between now and December 21 we need to go into hyper drive and deliver love wherever we go about our days. See in your mind a large scale with love on one side and hate on the other and picture the love side far heavier, almost to the ground. That is where we want to be. Our work has begun so let us roll up our sleeves and jump in.

It speaks volumes to where we are today if we have to learn all over again how to be loving. Very sad indeed, but we are here to change this now! It requires us to have the patience and determination to watch ourselves carefully, become our own witness and make sure we are acting and speaking from a place of love. I have said before, we are headed into a challenging period where we will be drowned by fearful situations like the economy crashing designed to bring us to our knees and interrupt our mission to bring in the light. This could be very challenging indeed. Imagine if you suddenly were without money or food. This is a very possible scenario and holding the light will be extremely difficult to do, but we MUST!!!! Prepare yourselves for this challenge and be ready!

It being almost Christmas it is a good time to practice our skills at giving to others. Find the courage to not walk by someone in need, but rather stop and share what you can, if only your love and encouragement. Feel the exchange of caring between you, the good feelings that stir your heart. It is time to dust off feelings and begin to ignite them again as well. It was interesting that everyone had a similar reaction to the Orca video we watched in the Comparing Notes section. Everyone felt tears of joy as the people cheered the Orca Whales and the whales jumped higher. You could feel the connection between the people and the whales. (at the bottom)

This is the kind of connection we should be having with life at all times. This is what humanity is so sorely missing and is trying to fill that hole with addictions of every kind. This is the world we are creating right now filled with love and compassion and feeling and joy. We are close now but we need to really give our mission our all from here on out and really sweep us over the finish line to a roaring cry from happy people being free at last. This is our time, we know what our jobs are and now we must get active and make this dream happen. We can and we will do this!

Blessings to us all,

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