Wes Annac – The Hathors Of Earths Solar Astral Planes: Reaching Personal Strides, Affecting The Collective And Unleashing The Light Energies – 27 November 2012

Channeled through Wes Annac

Energetic upgrades and strides continue to be reached by the collective of Earth, and we are here before you all to give yet another happy energy update. We have only good news to display to you dear souls but as always, you have been going through the [most difficult] of the cleansing that has needed to take place within yourselves and within your outer world.

The benefits that you are to experience as natural results of the clearing and cleansing you have been performing as a collective and as individuals will be simply unparalleled.

The scope of pure, positive change that you are Creating in each and every moment can be very exponential if you dear souls would only allow it to be, as only you can make the decisions and enact the personal changes in your Lives that you know will benefit yourselves and the entirety of the Earth collective as well.

You are now reaching strides wherein you can feel the energetic, emotional and physical effects of the interactions you make with others and of each and every thought, feeling or emotion you bring through yourselves and we are happy to report that you are still being continually showered with pure energies that are indeed increasing in scope and purity with each active absorbing of such energies you perform within yourselves.

There are so many aspects of your inner -Self that are working overtime to see you dear souls as uninhibited as possible in reaching pure states of consciousness by going through various lessons that serve to expose and transmute the former pasts of yourselves that would hold you back forever if allowed, and as you dear souls make the conscious decisions to enact the best known changes within yourselves that will see you better -resonating with and matching the continually-pure realities you are beginning to find and perceive within yourselves, you will completely and totally free yourselves from any possible restraints that would hold you back.

You have given yourselves various things that were placed in front of you during your Earth experience and you have temporarily allowed your experience to cloud your vision but we ask you, are the realms of consciousness you are finding not so very pure? Are you not finding realms beyond your wildest dreams and beyond the scope of what you have imagined is possible?

We ask each and every one of you dear souls to look upon your Lives and the very real yet noticeable metaphysical experiences that many of you have begun to have for indeed, if one’s vibrations are aimed in a certain direction, the higher dimensional and spiritual validations will be endless. We laugh and revel with joy when many of you continually notice signs of your unfolding higher dimensional experience and then get the feeling that you are somehow ‘crazy’ for noticing an entirely new reality and for consciously receiving continual validations of such a reality as you are discovering and Creating it.

We laugh and revel with joy at such an expression or heart set because many of you, when beginning to awaken and understand more fully and purely the concepts of the higher realms, can still take to temporarily allowing yourselves to forget about a few key and fundamental aspects of your reality; one of which being that you Create it with each thought, intention and manifestation you bring through yourselves.

Everything that you are doing, finding and discovering within yourselves is serving to Create your realities, and the planes of full consciousness that you are gravitating toward are literally being pulled-in to your auric field by your vibration, because you are aiming it toward the higher realms and as such, you are naturally attracting such realms to yourselves.

If you attract realities of limitation to yourselves, than you will bring the inherent vibrations that drive such realities unto yourselves and you will Create based upon those vibrations, as they will be the prominent vibrations within your sphere of experience.

What you feel and bring through yourselves will determine the realities you Create because of those inherent vibrations, and many of you are beginning to feel the very real energy transfers that take place whenever you shift yourselves to a state of imbalance. The realities of Source are simply awaiting their time to make their full arrival on your world and we continue to encourage you dear souls wholeheartedly to make your efforts to feel these vibrations; to radiate them out and bring them through yourselves for by doing so, you are and will be Creating a very pure reality.

The task you have at hand is that of Creating an ascended Eden upon a planet who has always been meant to be an ascended Eden but who’s collective have simply acted much farther upon the instated freewill laws prevalent with a third dimensional experience, than was originally anticipated but the collective imbalance that is now beginning to be cleansed and transmuted by each and every one of you dear incarnate Lightworkers and starseeds, is finding its once-strong and prevalent influence diminished in every single moment of your Earth experience.

Our job has entailed sending the energies down that Create your reality in continual purity with each time these energies are delivered, and our doing so is the result of Divine decrees that we have discussed in previous communications.

Before such decrees were made, we were in charge of sustaining your reality and the very energetic framework that forms your reality, by being put in charge of the energy-transfers throughout all different Earthly realms, of the energy that Creates and sustains your realities and your conscious experience. We do not wish for it to seem as if we are solely Creating your reality, for we are only assisting you dear souls in a process that is your own entirely.

You are receiving the energies that Create your reality and helping to deliver your ascension unto yourselves, and whilst we are leaving our specific imprint upon these energies you are the souls who are taking them and exponentially expanding upon the Lighted foundation that they have garnered within yourselves and that you have garnered for these energies, with your mere absorbing of them and expanding upon them in the marvelous and wonderful ways that dear souls are at this time.

The work that you have been performing is and has been so very needed for your dear Earth because She was indeed struggling when the calls were made for the mass migrations of the Light Forces that have been answered tenfold with the presence of each and every one of you Lightworkers and Light bearers who are seeing the ascension of the Earth play-out quite smoothly.

Your actions work in accordance with ours, in that you are maintaining a steady connection with many of us souls and soul-collectives who help to bring the energies through that Create and sustain your realities and that are again, helping you dear souls to ascend at this time.

This energy you are being gifted through your chakras and utilizing to Create your reality-structure and the reality-structures of those around you which are being Created with the same energy through different, individual temples; this has always been the same energy that Creates and sustains your reality and while humanity as a collective has shown different traits throughout different generations and time periods of your Earthly history, the energies have always been the same and the density that has been built up around Earth is at is at its very core, the same higher dimensional energy of Source that can be transmuted into remembering its own inherent and unique connection to the pure energies of Source that it is and has always been.

What we are essentially attempting to communicate is that every vestige of darkness you may find around yourselves is transparent, changeable energy that you can make your Lighted effects on, regardless of the situation surrounding the density you would be attempting to transmute.

This of course, includes the energy that you find coming up from within yourselves for review and transmutation and you dear souls have long been transmuting the bulk of negative energy that has arisen to your surface consciousness for its due acknowledgement, release and transmutation.

The energies behind what you are doing are not just personal, individual or unique energies and rather, what you are bringing through yourselves and Creating on a mass scale with your mere intention to transmute lower and former parts of yourselves in preparation for your personal ascension; the ripple-effects that are Created as you do this grow to such large and collective scales that we exaggerate not when we tell you that what you are doing is affecting the collective ascension plan in very positive ways.

Each and every one of you who are absorbing this communication and every one of you who are not, are making the strongest and purest effects upon the collective as you go through lessons that serve to break down the fundamental nature of what you believe to be true and right within your sphere of experience.

You are being led to give up many of the frustrations you may find within yourselves, and such frustration can be based upon the belief that what is happening to you at the time of frustration is somehow ‘unfair’ or not meant to happen to you for one reason or another.

We speak not of course, of actual tragic events that may manifest in one’s Life and we speak of the instances in your personal Lives which seem to test your ego selves; your patience; your ability to remain in a clam and Loving center despite what you would perceive as a frustrating event occurring. Of course, you dear souls are progressing magnificently along the lessons of exposing and transmuting the always-prevalent ego self, and we hope to help outline some of what you are going through and help you dear souls to reach that moment of clarity and understanding that our perspective is meant, intended and hoped to help you reach and regain within yourselves.

The reason that we deliver our impressions, our communications and our specific perspective to you dear souls is because we feel after much consultation with many of you in the dreamscape, that we have something unique to offer you and your ascension and while we are in no way playing as near or direct of a role as you dear souls are playing with your incarnation unto a world of darkness, we still hope to deliver what could be seen as a helpful perspective.

We are so very happy and honored to be able to help and assist you dear souls in any way that we can and as we have noted before, we will be with you dear souls in your dreamscape to offer personal guidance, Love and companionship.

We are positioned in realms wherein we are able to see, sense and feel much more about your Earth and about your unfolding ascension process than many of you who still perceive within your own individual barriers of limitation may currently understand.

The energy work that forms the foundation of the Creation of your reality is much more important to the Creating and sustaining of your reality than many of your mainstream scientists know or have proclaimed publicly, and we as well as your Galactic brethren will indeed be with you to offer our perspectives and to show you dear souls the true and powerful effects of energy and sound frequencies especially.

Entire advanced technologies are based upon sound frequencies and the energies emanating from sound frequencies, and you will find that the power of energy far surpasses what has been acknowledged or understood within your current society.

There have been the few Lighted souls within your current society who have understood the effects of free energy, of sound frequencies and of the effects that they can have upon your reality, but the most Lighted and knowledgeable teachings have of course been suppressed on your world for so very long. Your society as it stands today is quite orchestrated indeed, and it should be understood that the souls orchestrating your society as you see it today did not expect that they would be dealing with the uprising of the Light that is occurring at present.

The original plan of the dark souls was that their attempted worldly reigns would be made known by the end of your 1990s. However, a very important treaty was signed as many of you dear souls know and have been told, and key [negative extraterrestrial] races who were driving the cabals on your world surrendered over to the side of the Light and have been helping the Light and your Galactic brethren especially, ever since to disengage the dark souls form their positions on your world.

What you are seeing at present is a completely orchestrated and plastic society that is based upon the hollow beliefs and heart sets about reality that a few influential yet private souls have thought up and decided would be the [silent] proclamations to be followed within various societies who are beginning to gain awareness.

The 1960s and seventies on your world proved to unleash an awakening that was not expected by the cabal heads in any way and you dear souls proved in such times and in plenty of other times throughout your history that you do not hear of, that the Light energies simply cannot be ignored and when the treaty of Anchara was signed and key negative factions joined over to the side of the Light, your cabals responded in many ways but were ultimately shown what they are being shown at this current time in much more exponential ways which is again, what they were shown as well in your sixties and seventies; that the Light simply cannot be ignored and will make itself known through billions of willing conduits who are beginning to remember their Lighted and Godly nature.

You are all conduits for the Light energies that you are beginning to bring-forth through and within yourselves and as you find these Light energies that you are at your root and core in increasing purity, you will find as well that your very perspective seems to shift and change in enormous and exponential ways.

Geopolitical and physical matters on your world may be seen to determine the outcome of how events play-out and manifest, but we tell you that your every conscious thought and intention as well as visualization will truly decide how events play out on your world.

The role we are fulfilling currently will be understood completely by each one of you dear souls in the time ahead as you will again, become aware of the reality of energy work and the importance of performing energy work to help cleanse the condition your world has been in. While you have all been steadily integrating the energies that we are helping you to absorb within yourselves, you have continued to but-heads with parts of yourselves who would convince you that your energy work and the necessary transmutations you are performing at this time, are somehow not real or are not helping you along your ascension processes.

As with all matters, we ask you dear souls to have complete and utter faith and to know that all that you are going through and finding yourselves meeting with at this time is not only necessary, real and helpful to yourselves and all those around you; what you are doing is affecting matters on the world stage and is affecting the collective consciousness on a mass scale, and the effects that you are making upon yourselves and each other are Cosmic in scope.

We use this term in an attempt to describe the very large nature of the effects that you are making upon yourselves, those around you and the entire planetary collective consciousness, because we feel the importance that all of you dear souls feel to peek under your instated veil for a moment and see the mass effects that you are making, even if this is only attained by receiving our perspectives of watching you dear souls Create massive Lighted ripples in the collective consciousness of the Earth with each miracle you bring through yourselves, without even realizing as you perform them!

There is absolutely nothing that can stop you from realizing the inherent and pure Light that you can feel and access within and that again, you are. You will indeed be told continually that you are the Lighted and Godly energies of Source, because you dear souls could use the reminder with your perspectives of continually subjecting yourselves to darkness and density that would teach you not to look inward for any aspects of yourselves and instead, to believe that you are only finite and limited beings who must look solely outward to find any aspect of happiness, sustainability or fulfillment in yourselves.

Your very manufactured society as it stands today is built up entirely of hollow beliefs and lies that many souls who have forgotten their inherent and pure connection to their Godselves have attached themselves to and allowed to integrate unto themselves and Create as reality.

As always, the energies you are bringing through yourselves to Create your reality will indeed continue to be purer; not just with every time that you are given them and believe us, you are receiving them much, much more than one ‘time’ per second; this energy will also continue to be pumped-up in purity with every magnificent and powerful gate that you are to pass through, which is represented on your Calendar.

There are many more dates to pass through; some of which you may hear about less and will call for energy to be increased in purity a slight bit, to amp-up the lessons that you are learning which serve to break down and transmute the parts of yourselves who you cannot take with you to the realms of the fifth dimension because of the dense and outdated nature of such parts of yourselves.

We do not point toward [the important] dates as ones for physical manifestation on your world and are simply giving an energetic perspective and a perspective of being in charge of the energies that will be delivered to your reality, and while there is even much about the December energies we are being led not to express through channels because of the sensitive nature of such information; we can say with happiness in our hearts that your planet is to be brimming with the pure energies of Source and you are all going to feel and experience the results your own actions of anchoring the higher realms and the fundamental aspects of the higher realms that you are beginning to establish more fully and feed on your world. (1)

You dear souls are Creating so very much change and each physical action that you perform is aiding the collective in such ways that they will be able to absorb the eventual and inevitable disclosures that will be had for you dear souls, in much easier ways.

This will be because of the foundation that many of you are laying with your involvement in various important things that will bring the higher realms to your world, and we congratulate each and every one of you with supremely-pure happiness, Love and joy in our hearts, for you have long Created the change you have wished to see and you are simply awaiting the final manifestations that will see your world a brimming, higher dimensional Galactic planet.

Thank you to the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes.

(1)-Based on what is said here, I feel the importance of restating my belief that our ascension is a gradual process.

I’m not trying to put down what the Hathors are saying here but I know it could be misinterpreted into thinking that everything will happen in December. I’m sticking with the opinion that this is a gradual process and that it is more complicated than one day or month initiating everything. That is my opinion and may not be yours [or perhaps theirs] but hey, that’s ok! We are ascending either way.

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