Earth Star Network – 2012 The Age Of Unity Consciousness And Oneness Is Dawning – 28 November 2012


On 13 November 2012, Earth Star Network and a number of spiritual wayshowers launched Unity in Oneness to help spiritual workers, luminaries, awakening souls, humanitarians and love activists express their love and unity consciousness in action.  Already many inspiring lightworkers – including writers, artists, entrepreneurs, nurses, coaches, healers and musicians – as well as well known names and visionaries such as Suzan Lie (Caroll), Lisa Gawlas, Ron Van Dyke, Wes Annac, Bill Ballard, Galactic Free Press and Lucas 2012 Infos – have made the Unity pledge to join together and be the example!

Things are accelerating for the spiritual community as the energies of 2012 increase – our own focus being drawn more and more to being the co-creators of earth’s new love grown reality as well as being its visionaries and nurturers.  We got to be the audience, the directors and the cast!

Unity in Oneness was launched to help move lightworkers into a higher frequency gear – enabling those that are working from an entirely spiritual position clearly express their intentions and love through a shared emblem.  The Unity seal enables lightworkers to send out a collective message of togetherness as well as express the fact they are a living example of love through the work that they do.  Look out for it on blogs, websites, books and other kinds of spiritual literature.  A full list of information providers and spiritual workers participating in ‘Unity’ will also be made available soon.

Check out for a lightworker being love in action!

“WE CAN HEAL THE EARTH WITH OUR LOVE AND STAND UNITED AS ONE” – listen to singer-songwriter Broken String singing about unity and inviting others to make the pledge at!

As part of the pledge, lightworkers are also invited to be love in action by working together.  How can we talk about oneness if we cannot be that example ourselves?  Bringing in a new collective reality of unity consciousness must begin with us acting as a collective to ground the ‘oneness energy’.  Those that make the pledge therefore sign up to take part in projects that will help us become more joined up in our actions – the first planned event being an online discussion looking at new models for planetary wide co-creation planned for the early part of December.

If you are a lightworker and can support Unity in Oneness please visit for information and

If you are someone consuming spiritual services and a pledge hasn’t been made, then please ask your spiritual service provider to join the party! Send them this story or post the video to them as a gift of oneness ======>

The age of separation is over – unity begins with us ˜˜”*°•.✫

All our love

Tan, Earth Star Network

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