Visionkeeper – Party Time… – 28 November 2012

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I put the count down clicker up a short while ago on the site to mark how many days remain until 12/21/12. It is getting so close now you can feel Gaia and her people breathing deeply in unison. The excitement builds as well as the caution regarding the dark ones. Well screw them, as long as the internet is up and running we will gather as one and spread our love all around the world.

I as well as others I know, choose to celebrate this day not dread it. I say let’s party!!!! I will be on OWR off and on all day to celebrate and party with whomever stops in to party as well. BYOB everyone…As cocktail hour approaches we can toast to love and freedom and the magnificent world we live in. We won’t even need a designated driver :)

We have worked long and hard for this day to come and hopefully bring change in the air along with it. We shall see and we will NOT be disappointed if nothing visibly happens. Far too many people are expecting trumpets from on high and UFO’s floating to earth. The change has already taken place for we are not the same people who started out here a year ago. Love is already exploding all around the world, minds are springing open and thoughts are shifting. What more do we need to see to realize the shift is occurring and we are part of it?

So wear your party hats that day, BYOB and snacks, join me via comments and we will celebrate together. I will put up a separate comment site at the top for the big day. Just look up at the top of the page. Mark your calendars as if they aren’t already marked and we shall party hearty and be proud of what we have done…See ya then….Let’s make it a come as you are party…A live in the moment gala…Love and light…VK

God Bless December 21, 2012 link to original article


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