Bona – There’s Only One Choice – 29 November 2012

 Only God=Love exists

out of God
nothing exists.
I Am Now
As God Created me
I Am
the I Am
that lives In me
Living in Grace
means to forgive all illusions.
Forgiving the illusion
dissolves the so called karma.
You choose.
the I Am that lives In you dissolves and brings all to the Light
Your task: to Choose
The I Am that lives in you:
dissolves the illusion.
All is One
Reality never changed
for Reality is One
What is relative is part of the illusion
if you hold on to the relative you create suffering.
There’s no need in going “against” nothing or no one.
If you fight the illusion in your mind
you make it real and experience it.
If you detach from it, without fight, seeing it as a temporary phenomenon, like a summer storm, it will dissolve.
You dissolve it because you don’t give it  strength.
You see it for what it is: an illusion, a vanishing trick.
You live in the Grace of Reality
forever True and inviolated
All Ways and Every Where.
No thing and no One can be excluded from Reality
If you do it, you exclude it
and there you create the illusion.
For you and for those involved,
illusion appears real.
Reality is One
You believe you’re living in duality
talking about cause and effect.
There’s only One Cause: God
There’s only One effect: God
the clapping of a single hand.
You can’t comprehend it with your small “I”
Thus you Feel it’s Real
The Only Solution and Answer.
The I Am that lives in me
Only One Effect:
Because only One Cause Exists:
The Love=God
Apply this Truth to All things, beings, situations.
It’s All Ways You who Chooses.
I simply ask:
Illusion or Reality
Fear or Love
Hell or Heaven
War or Peace
Lack or Abundance
and this for Ever, for all the illusions you see
Choose “forgiveness”
Receive the I Am that lives In You
The Only Cause
The Only Effect
All is linked to the Only possible Choice
This is God’s Peace
That is the only thing that is been asked…
So Be It
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All My Love, Bona

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