Gloria Wendroff – The Heaven Letters – The Wild Blue Yonder – 29 November 2012

God said:

All human beings are riders on the range. You are roamers on the range. You have a lasso, and you do round-ups. You gather others unto you, and they go in the way you go. It is hearts that you round up. It is hearts that you take with you. All hearts are yours, and they are yours for the asking. One heart joins another, just the way people hold hands. Let Us hold hearts across the wide prairie and unite the world.

All are going in the same direction. Why not go together? Not as a herd but as splendid hearts, all for one, and one for all.

Stand up and be counted. You are not a soldier of fortune. You are a soul of fortune. Fortune means what is to come. What is to come is Unity and Peace, and you are a forerunner of it. You may be a humble rider of the plains, and yet you are the leader. Where you go, beloveds, shall I go. You follow Me in this march across the Universe, and, yet, I follow you. We are horse-riders of the plain.

As in a beautiful movie, We ride over the horizon and rise into the sky and head up to Heaven. Rising, rising, rising over the horizon up to the pink sky and past the white clouds into the wild blue yonder which is not wild at all. It is rest and peace and all things beautiful. I am describing you. You are your journey, you understand. You are your own vision you seem to see in the distance.

You ride the range, and you ride the waves. There is no difference between ranger and surfer. There are no differences at all. Riding, riding, riding over the flat plains or riding, riding, riding the blue waves.

There are no shores but the shores of hearts that leap and leap high. All hold hands. There is One Rider and One Way to Ride. There are no battles, no battlefields. These are photographs you snap with the camera of your mind. They are yet to be developed. Developed, you will see the Majesty of Truth. You will see beyond what is called the Veil. The thing is you will see, for you will have the eyes to see, and the ears to hear. You will stop for the night, and in the morning you will awake on this infinite ride you take across the desert sands and across the night sky. You will touch each star on your way with a kiss, for you are a rider of Creation. You reach into your heart and you toss it to the stars from where you came.

You leave yourself everywhere. You know that, don’t you. Even what is not seen, nevertheless, is seen. You leave yourself everywhere.

You are an architect of life, and you are a beautiful being returning from where you began, except, you never began. You always were. You live in Eternity, and Eternal and Infinite are you.

You don’t really think you are only a speckled spot on the surface of life, do you? You are life itself. You are the Spender of the Splendor of the Universe. You do not collect the Universe. You ride the range of the Universe, and the sun shines on you, and you reflect the sun until no one can tell the difference between you and the sun or the night stars or anything you can think or remember or not remember, for what is there in the Universe but the Oneness of Light and the Oneness of the One Heart that gallops everywhere. link to original article


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