John Ward – EU Source : Samaras ‘Only Got Greek Deal Because Of Pro-EU Party Promise’ – Exclusive From Brussels : Why The Deal That Never Was Might Never Have Been – 29 November 2012

The Slog’s trusted Brussels mole informed me last night that Chief Greek nailbiter Atonis Samaras (left) was forced by Berlin-am-Brussels to give a firm promise of forming his new ‘European Party’ last weekend – or Athens would be hung out to dry.

We can only hope that Samaras agreed with a wry smile, because that would have to have been the emptiest threat since Dad’s Army pointed its pitchforks at Hitler.

Tuesday’s ‘deal’ is indeed a deal, but very little of it involves a realistic future for the Greeks. It is a very complex subject I’ve been battling to get my head round for two days. I will post about it specifically in due course.

However, that Samaras is going ahead with his plan isn’t in doubt: the latest working title is European Union Front, in itself a Freudian brand name…the Greek elite being an obvious front for the technocrats of Brussels.

I do recognise that many Sloggers think this Greek fiasco can go on forever, but it can’t. And it certainly can’t wait until the German elections next year. The tension between high taxes and high unemployment is now affecting all classes in Greece. Winter is coming, electricity is being cut off because people simply can’t afford the bills, and the economy is all but ruined.

This is happening because blinkered eurocrats are giving out orders, on behalf of ruthless Nordeurop politicians, to blind ClubMed politicians. And the whole thing is being allowed to happen because most Greeks are proud people who do not wish to be seen as “the lazy buggers who screwed up the EU”.

They aren’t that and they never were. Unfortunately, we no longer have the mass media with the diligence and objectivity to report what has really happened in the eurozone. And quite why anyone thinks Leveson can tackle that in the UK is beyond satire.

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