Ron Van Dyke – Icelandic Revolution: Pots , Pans And Other Solutions – 29 November 2012

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Okay, several people, following my rant the day before yesterday, asked: What is the solution? Well, last night I showed the video about the Icelandic revolution with the same title here at the Mary Horgan Center. Perhaps because I had indicated there was a regional problem with the video to most of my local friends that would require watching the video on my laptop rather than the big-screen TV, only one man showed up, one that does not have a computer. Anyway, the video pointed out the the second most important item in creating solutions, which is for the people to take action and actually do something more than just complain. Do you know what the first most important item is? It’s recognizing the problem and taking responsibility. Without that, there can be no solution. Education comes first: becoming aware. We can resolve the issues we face collectively, IF we first communicate what those issues are and then peacefully bring remedy. We the people, in every nation and community, far outnumber the criminals causing the problems, which is meaningless if we choose to remain ignorant. Here’s the link to the one-hour documentary:

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