Sophia Love – DRL’s – 29 November 2012

There is intelligence to light.  It points the way, illuminates the darkness and tells us what’s ahead.  Lights are used as indicators – should be halt or proceed?  Are we on or off?  Is this where we should turn?  Which way should we go?  We have been told that WE are the light.

A while back my family purchased a new car.  The next day we contacted the dealer to tell them the car was malfunctioning, as the lights stayed on ALL THE TIME.  “Oh, its okay” they told us “that’s just the DRL’s”.  “Okay, what are the DRL”s?” I asked, to which they replied “Daytime Running Lamps”.  I like that.  Day and night our lights are now glowing, turned on and visible.  It is no longer an option to turn off the light.  We are always on.

It is the end of November 2012.  It’s all been said.  We are all waiting; we are on “pause”.  Yet, even while we wait for something we can’t define and has never been – our lights remain ON.  We can see each other clearly.  All of us are lit.

One of our brightest lights is Inelia Benz.  She has put together a beautiful statement about this time we are sharing.  Check out her home at: .  She describes the 5th dimension as a place we are creating rather than a destination that exists outside of ourselves.  Our lights, though seemingly paused, are in full mode, busily constructing.

The 5th dimension is not real, any more than you or I are.  It is a construct of what we believe to be true.  It exists as a place because we’ve made it so.  We could call it anything.  The levels, dimensions and numbers we use are ways to wrap our head around what’s real.  They are naming conventions.  We could call them anything.

Naming it does not remove us from the responsibility for it.  It is not separate from us.  It is not a place we are going.  It is where we will be when we let go of fear.  It is life without the cabal.  It is living within an atmosphere of love.  It is who we are.

There are no other beings who can take us there, and no one to wait for any longer.  We ARE the lights here to show us the way.  We are always on!

Our DRL’s can no longer be turned off; we are laying the route with our every move.  The next dimension is a name we are calling what it is we are in the process of doing.  It is sort of like calling the intake of air – breathing.

The wisdom and directions come from within; it’s all been said, read and seen.  We are up to the doing.  Just love.  It’s all that’s left.  It’s all that ever was.

Your light remains on so that I can see you day and night and remember what agape looks like.  You are stunning.

The waiting is over.  We are here.

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