Ron Van Dyke – Ron & Friends Discuss 2012 Awakening – 30 November 2012

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This event took place at Ron’s home, The Mary Horgan Center for Spiritual Development, on Wednesday, November 21, 2012. There were 9 people present: Steve, Karin, Margie, Jerry, Glenda, Tony, Maria, Peter and Ron. Steve videotaped one hour of the discussion out of the two-hour meeting. Everyone present realized it was being recorded and knew that it would be uploaded to the Internet. The discussion did not focus on political or economic conditions at this time, rather, the focus was on the internal, spiritual changes (for the most part) taking place in the awakening, shift of consciousness prerequisite to the new world coming. Ron did a video the next day, 22/11/2012, in which he talked about this meeting.


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