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Sandra Walter – Facing The Unknown At Zeropoint – 30 November 2012

hourglassI described how a vortex works in my eCourse last week; how the Earth is passing through the smallest part of the hourglass right now. We get the galactic squeeze for a few more months, with the big push on December 21.

Besides the chaotic affect it has on our schedule, it also provides a brilliant possibility which we have been waiting for a long time. A blink to the Milky Way, or 300,000 years for many of us. Continue reading


Visionkeeper – Switching Gears … – 30 November 2012

art-beautiful-black-blue-books-favim-com-194447(picture by

Well, I think it is closing in on the time to shift gears here for several reasons. The biggest reason being that we are almost at the end of our journey. Continue reading

Lisa Gawlas – The Journey Into Biopsies And Wide Excisions! DeLightFull Even! – 30 November 2012

loving-energySpecial Note:  I am sharing this on both of my blogs to thank EVERYONE and not miss a blessed Soul!!

I know so many people wonder if their love and prayers really do anything… I promise you, more than you know.  As I started to come out of anesthesia yesterday I remembered soooo many Lights, multi-colored lights in my surgical room.  I remembered feeling the presence of ET’s, my family from the stars, but also…. others.  The energy of the room itself was deep gray (not painted, this was energy, I never seen anything other than light energy in whatever it is I am remembering.)  I semi-remember seeing the ET’s and knowing they were there.  It was the moment I looked at my facebook on my phone did I fully realize what all those other streams of multi-colored Light was… it was YOU.  Your love.  It is my only memory from my operation and I will remember it forever.  Thank you so much for loving me that much!! Continue reading

Eric Sprott And David Baker – Gold : The Solution To The Banking Crisis? – 30 November 2012

ZeroHedgeAuthored by Eric Sprott and David Baker of Sprott Global Resource Investment,

The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision is an exclusive and somewhat mysterious entity that issues banking guidelines for the world’s largest financial institutions. It is part of the Bank of International Settlements (BIS) and is often referred to as the Central Banks’ central bank. Ever since the financial meltdown four years ago, the Basel Committee has been hard at work devising new international regulatory rules designed to minimize the potential for another large-scale financial meltdown. Continue reading

Mooji – A Sense Of Presence – 30 November 2012

Uploaded by on 13 May 2011. “You’re being reminded of what you deeply know… why keep thinking you’re bound?” (Mooji) Silent Retreat 21 Dec 09 S2

Terri Newlon – Djwhal Khul – Cosmic Truth Shatters Thought Form – 30 November 2012

djwhalKhulDjwhal Khul here. Tashi delek.

Let’s work with the violet flame and also violet angels are very good to invoke during this time period. Angelic fire. Well, really call upon anything that seems to balance or soothe you. It’s all good.

What I want to talk about this week is perhaps a bit of a different way of phrasing things than 12-12 and 12-21 and Winter Solstice and all of the things that are being talked about as we come to a close here with 2012. Continue reading

Euronews – European Parliament Supports ECB Bank Supervision Power – 30 November 2012

images-euroA group of MEPs have backed plans to give the ECB the task of supervising banks in the European Union.

The European Parliament’s Economic and Monetary Affairs Committee said the bank should get new powers, including the right to grant licences. Continue reading

John Ward – Rotherham : A Case Of Mass Abstention – 30 November 2012

John WardUKip shows once again that it lacks the killer instinct

One could be forgiven (reading the Telegraph website at 6 am today) for thinking that perhaps the Rotherham by-election had been abandoned due to a waterlogged local council. Labour win all three of last night’s by-elections, and yet somehow the Sarkists didn’t think this worth reporting. I must ask Justice Leveson why when next we meet. Continue reading

Bella Capozzi – The Council Of The Venus Ray : The Gifting Of Your Own Creations, Energies And Activations – 30 November 2012

276788_186943838036403_317572739_n~ It’s funny how these messages can sometimes pop up at the most unexpected times.  I actually had no plans to write today, but instead had allotted the entire day to beginning my very lengthy list of Holiday projects (which I still plan to do, as I’m currently in the middle of the very messy making of “sugar-scrub cubes” and homemade soaps, as part of my gift baskets, this year.)  Continue reading

Mish/ Mike Shedlock – New Meaning Of The World Voluntary; Bond Buyback Balancing Act – 30 November 2012

mish-image-15%It is a deep stretch of the imagination to twist arms and appeal to “patriotic duty” in an effort to coerce someone to do something they really do not want to, then call the action “voluntary”. It is yet another thing to claim something is voluntary yet tell them it is “required”. The latter has happened (again), when it comes to Greek debt. The Financial Times reports Athens banks told of debt buyback ‘duty’ Continue reading