Lisa Gawlas – The Winds Of Change Will Howl Thru All Of December!! – 1 December 2012

take-a-riskWelcome to December!!  This has probably been the most looked at month in any current history, thanks in large part to the Mayans.  But even without their calendar, we are becoming more and more sensitive to the energy of earth.  To the love that is finding its way back into each others hearts.

It is funny to me, the last several days to week now I have been getting hit with an old familiar number: 5:55  The last time it was soooo prominent in my field of awareness was last year while I was staying at the hotel on Virginia Beach deciding what to do with my life.  Two weeks later I returned to New Mexico.  That choice was like ripping my own heart out… of course, I got a new heart once I came back Home to New Mexico, choosing it was the most correct and at the same time, the most painful decision I have ever made.  Obviously, something just as big is brewing, I so know the messenger that is 5:55 very well.

I have a feeling tho, so many of us are going to be asked to make radical change in our lives.  What that is, will be as unique as you are.  I have only been awake now for close to 2 hours on this December 1st and I can feel the winds of change blowing already.  Thru the last week or so of November, over and over again spirit had said, if we think the energy of November was intense, December will take that intensity and up it by 3!  But equally, when the winds of change are blowing, it does requite action too!!

Action does not mean it is time to start jogging or going hiking…. it means putting new choices into play.

For me, right now, I have made a commitment to my body to take two full days off.  I cannot even tell you how hard that is for me, especially when I am already looking at a calendar that is sooo full with appointments (for which, i am utterly grateful for) and my heart breaks for those I have emailed and said, I must honor my body and take two days of healing time for myself.  Of course, bodies being what they are… it sent me a massive flair yesterday to get me to sit on my ass.  I was so seriously swollen from finger tips to my neck.  Of course, my doc was worried about the swelling being related to blood clots, so back to the hospital I went.

My ultra sound came back perfect…. phew!!  I had a feeling it would, but then again, I was blind sided with malignant melanoma so I am leaving nothing to wonder about.   I love my body, I love my life and I am really finding a whole new level of respect and joy for the medical profession as well.

Once I got back from the ultra sound and sat and talked to my doctor about why I was so swollen, I felt it instantly when she said they did a Level 1, a Level 2 AND a Level 3 biopsy on me.  Meaning… instead of taking three lymph nodes out for inspection, they gathered up as many as they could find for inspection.  No wonder why my body was revolting…. not only was it shocked by the sheer amount of excess, but now all the other lymph areas had to work overtime to clear all that my right side was going thru.  It was pissed.  I felt it.  Think of it like telling a friend I am taking $5 out of your wallet and while you are there, you take all the money they had in it, out.  Your friend will not be all that thrilled with you.

So I had some love time with my body last night.  Gave it some energy work and fell to sleep…. promising two full days to ourSelf.  I woke up without an ounce of swelling today.  I so love my body and its willingness to do what I want if I am willing to do what it wants.

I feel, more than anything, the winds of change that are December, want us to come back to ourSelfs.  A true, conscious, loving relationship with ourSelf.  To really honor ALL of our emotions, act on what you are feeling inside… even that pesky word/emotion called anger.  It holds such a wonderful value in our emotional field and I feel it tends to be swept under the rug more than honored for its incredible value and use!

On the other side of the veil, where everything is pristine and Love, anger, sadness and the like does not exist.  It doesn’t have to.  Duality does not exist there, but it does here.  Anger is simply an energy here in duality that says something is out of alignment with love, change that.  Of course, understanding what “that” is, is key!!

Even our relationship to our own biology is interesting.  We trust more in outside “remedies” than we do in our own amazing system called the body.  I think I now fully understand why one of the first teachings of Sananda was “You need to eat nothing except for Light.”  Of course, I was barely 4 months old on this path and said, yeah thanks for that… when we run out of food on earth, I will get back to you on that.

Twelve years later and a diagnosis of cancer has me fully understanding what he was really saying.  Of course, he already knew what laid down my path and now, I know what lays within mine.

If you can do one thing for yourself this month, invest heavily in yourSelf.  Do not be afraid of your environment, your food, take the time to close doors on relationships that tear your energy field down, change jobs if you are not in love with what you do, fall madly and completely in love with yourSelf on every level… You deserve it!!  Ohhh and get out of the thought that you are blocked by anything.

We are now manifesting in nano-seconds…. fear is equally valued as love is in the magnetic field of energy and manifestation.

I love you all soooo much.  Your love and your joy has helped me in ways you will never know.  My gratitude for your presence in my heart is beyond words.

Enjoy the aliveness that is Here, that Is December!!  Here is an added thought before we close:  “If you are playing it safe, your not playing at all!!”

((((HUGZ)))) of R & R to All!!

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