Lucas – In Love We Trust – 1 December 2012

wetrustinloveIn this nearing the end of the cycle we have to remember foremost one thing: Love is that in which we trust. You can put it on your new money to remember but that is an other story.  We are gonna need the love within our hearts to be pure without any still hidden attachments, hidden agendas, hidden old duality, hidden old issues with whom or whatever. There is only love that can remind you of what it is to feel one with you, with all and everything.

It is not for nothing it is still hard for some of you just awakened and that are now  shedding those last things: like the keeping attached to the old in playing the victim and victimizer, the not being responsible for yourselves in everything what you do or say. It is now the moment to just see that you will not go anywhere with all that old paradigm stuff you maybe still have or have accumulated. Let go of it and be the one that is clear of all as much as you can.

The spring cleaning is now.  The cleansing is now needed to be done within and it reflects in everything on the outside. If you cleaned up the mess you will see everything shine in a new big beautiful radiating light and new colors, new perspectives. It is you that is shining as you have found out that what is you :  unconditional love found in your heart center  that is connected to all and is all. Now you ready to be part of creating the new paradigm and be love in action. Build with the building blocks of love.

If you really trust in love you will have all that was already yours for ever as it is all ours. We can co-create, co-fund, co-exist, co-care, co-relate, co-develop, co-explore, co-decide. All is about sharing and being what you are and live it and be it in full glory, Oneness. The lightbeing that has come here to be  One eventually again. That trust you hold in love will reward you with the bliss and understanding of all as  it is of an unexplainable vastness.

In Love ee trust, make it happen for yourself and therefore for all surrounding you.

Love and Light,


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